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  • Posted in: Is it logical Captain?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 2:44 pm

    nonny - a very sensible view.

    Perhaps the government will reverse the 30-year detour through the consumerist wondland turned nightmare and come back to sensible policy of investment and sustainment.

  • Posted in: free accommodation?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 2:29 pm

    So long as the offspring have my hair, Melvin's eyes, and Rick's wit then the world will be a hilarious and better place.

  • Posted in: Woman jailed after riots in Manchester freed by judge

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 2:12 pm

    Convicted of the crime she did commit, but sentanced for the crimes she had not. Now she is relieved of that sentance, but retains the record for her crime. That is just and how is should be. Further punishment would be disproportionate.

  • Posted in: free accommodation?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 2:09 pm

    Is it Friday in an alternate dimension - and if so, why is it only the gentleman, the masked marauder, and the pig carrier that have survived.

    Lord help us if we need to breed to survive the species.

    The pig is mine guys, you make your own arrangements.

  • Posted in: free accommodation?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 2:01 pm

    How dare you, you insulent worm - away with you doppleganger and bother me no more

  • Posted in: free accommodation?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 1:58 pm

    @ Melvin - there's alot of that about recently.

    Are you there


    Oi! Melvin


    Rick - damn he's in the loo wetting himself again.

    Just me then - so no chance of any intelligent conversation or exchange.

  • Posted in: Are social landlords 'landlords' or solution to all societies ills?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 12:32 pm

    It is odd that the politicians driving social landlords to act like nannies are the same ones who object to the nanny state. I think this exposes their real objection, which is not to collective action but to collective action not funded through rents as opposed to funded through fair taxation.

    Ever since the Tories messed with the HRA community services have been bundled into the items funded through rents. This has been done by councils of all political colour as they have tried to play the centraly set rules of the game.

    That is why I've consistently said that the cooperative model of housing management is the way forward. Tenants would then decide what their money was paying for, and would make sounder decisions than letting Shapps and Osborne decide it for them.

  • Posted in: free accommodation?

    Chris's post | 22/08/2011 11:34 am

    Don't be so sure Melvin - some of the natives appear to be revolting.

    I have heard that Shapps is proposing that 2 homeless families be moved into the BB House following each eviction so as to avoid underoccupancy, but prize monies will be subject to an 80% cap on recharge, with the proceeds invested in the homes for wayward bankers enterprise - a private public partnership between Bercow and Costain, funded by the HSBC. However, as BB House is in the private sector anti-social behaviour is not only encouraged but will be rewarded.

  • Posted in: Woman jailed after riots in Manchester freed by judge

    Chris's post | 19/08/2011 3:11 pm

    This is an intersting case.

    Consider the MPs, including some still in the House of Commons, who on discovery of having received money through fraud were offered the chance to pay the money back without further sanction.

    Now, this lady discovered the goods she accepted were stolen. Was she offered the chance to make good by returning them or paying for them - no, she was arrested, charged, and convicted in less time than it takes an MP to run up an expense cheque.

    Worse, there are MPs, Editors, and spectres baying for her like to be made homeless and destitute for her crimes against community.

    The Judge in this case has corrected a wrong - let's hope no others are further wronged because of the lynch-mob mentality surrounding the Tory standard.

  • Posted in: Youth, Looting, Flat Screen Tvs and the single room rate for under 35s

    Chris's post | 18/08/2011 12:07 pm

    This is why I've been saying that inclusion, enablement, fairness, and equality are needed to avoid the slide into an even worse condition than the one we are currently in. It is odd that I find myself castigated for suggesting such a thing - no doubt others prefer running battles and blood in the streets, or ever greater CCTV intrusion and the inception of armed police on every street corner.

    The dispossessed already number 1 Million - Lord protect us if they all decide that having nothing to loose means they can ignore basic social rules.

  • Posted in: Impact of the riots on housing

    Chris's post | 17/08/2011 12:05 pm

    Yes - if we jailed anyone for committing the offence of lying on a facebook page then about 20 Million homes across the UK would become available overnight - although at 4-years per lie we may need to convert the houses into prisons.

    Perhaps the next step will be to prosecute anyone using a touched up photo, false year of birth, or stating their weight as less than it really is - let's really crack down on these serious crimes without delay.

  • Posted in: Who and what are the Key Stakeholders in a Housing Assoc

    Chris's post | 16/08/2011 5:09 pm

    but the first to be blamed nonny!

  • Posted in: The impact of localism on sustainable communities

    Chris's post | 15/08/2011 9:36 am

    Hello Alison

    You may want to research the origins of social housing, and also look for background in news archives for the many campaigns at planning stage against social housing being built in the areas concerned.

    In very general terms, the existing community object to the proposal of new housing, sometimes more violently than other times. Planning gets approved and the housing is built. Some of the objecters children gain housing in the new scheme. The area becomes part of the community fabric, and if you proposed its removal the community would fight for its retention as hard as they did its inception.

    My point is that taking the emotional consideration out of planning means communities gain resources and assets that they find in the longer term that the want and value. Putting emotional knee-jerking and nimbyism at the heart of planning risks only those most exclusive or largesse backed schemes going forward. The person with the biggest voice or biggest purse will dictate the policy over everyone else, including those future people who have no current voice.

    Perhaps you could get yourself along to a Parish Council Meeting and hear for yourself the protectionism of conserving the current expressed, and then in the same meeting, or later by the same people, the bemoaning of lack of opportunity for housing for the community's young people, and the drain of young people to distant parts slowly making the area unsustainable. Localism, as prescribed, risks amplifying these negatives.

    To make Localism positive people need to take control of the agenda, which currently would require the overthrow of Ministerial Powers.

  • Posted in: Impact of the riots on housing

    Chris's post | 10/08/2011 8:33 pm

    True Joe - but the young lady, I believe, offers an insight that the intelligent can perceive. The hope is that if shared that insight may even dawn on the dedicated DM Readers so that they too can see that this problem is their problem too, and if it is not resolved by engagement, enablement, and inclusion then it will not be resolved.

  • Posted in: Impact of the riots on housing

    Chris's post | 10/08/2011 2:12 pm

    In the Metro this morning a young lady was quoted as finding it all a bit of a laugh and that the shop keepers deserved the loss because they are rich.

    Whilst she is obviously way off with her views, they do indicate at least part of the thinking behind those who took part in the rioting.

    Firstly, when you have nothing there can be envy of those you see you have more than you.

    Secondly, that if I'm OK then nothing else matters.

    This over self-centred world view is a huge barrier to making the change needed so that these riots are not repeated, and I'm sure that the total reasons are further complicated, but just considering this young lady's opinion some 'old-pc' terms come to mind, such as social-inclusion and stakeholding.

    Having a value gives a person something to lose. Having something to lose is a break upon extreme behavour. Obviously then giving all people in our society a worth is something we must do. As an immediate step then the demonistation campaign of this government and the gutter press must be reversed. Longer term the equalisation of people's value - a single minimum wage, equality of benefits, equality of access to housing, regardless of age, is crucial. A clear future of worthwhile employment needs to be something all feel that they can achieve, not just an aspiration of the favoured few. Removing the Million youth unemployed into real career progression is then another essential.

    The other area that needs to be worked on is harmonisation and communication. That anyone thinks a shopkeeper is 'rich' shows the level of segregation that now exists in our communities. Inclusion rather than exclusion, communication rather than victimisation, enablement rather than pillory would all help repair this ill.

    If Housing Associations put themselves forward to fulfil these needs then they will only achieve the perpetuation of the falsehood that it is all the fault of social housing. The best gain that housing can get from this situation is leave resolution to society, of which housing is a part but not the lead member.

  • Posted in: Shared ownership repossession

    Chris's post | 04/08/2011 4:35 pm

    What about a downcasing?

    Obviously the current and projected financial circumstances of the owner need to be considered as to what is a suitable solution, but if covering the debt with equity interest, then at least this avoids a homelessness situation.

  • Posted in: Fitness to work

    Chris's post | 28/07/2011 4:00 pm

    Demons he sees, demons

    Subtler than the former guises but definately a cultist.

  • Posted in: Fitness to work

    Chris's post | 28/07/2011 2:29 pm

    I can see that nonny 1 is not nonny 2 but that nonny 3 is also nonny 2. Nonny 4 is not 1, 2, nor 3, but nonny 5 could be. however, nonny 6 is nonny 5, that much is clear, but then noony 7 could be anyone's guess, but probably has brought into play probably the most useful information and point, exposing the entire thread as demoniser inspired spin to hide another release of facts that stands against the promoted world view of the would be new world order.

    Meanwhile the Individual Cultists have been found to be a victim of dyslexic reporting.

    Hope that has cleared it all up for everyone.

  • Posted in: Fitness to work

    Chris's post | 28/07/2011 12:00 pm

    Does Mrs Bone also wear a mask and lycra - is that why I have to leave the rent under the plant pot, and have never actually met either of you?

    I take it that it is one of your super powers that means you know for a fact about the welfare fraud iceberg - in which case, why have you not made such facts available to the authorities so that they may pursue them?

  • Posted in: Fitness to work

    Chris's post | 28/07/2011 9:55 am

    Do you mean the jury Melvin, or the bench?

    Are you the one at the back in the cardigan knitting a new one?

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