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    F451's post | 20/02/2012 3:06 pm

    May your minders begat further minders who too begat minders of their own, until their enough minders to get rid of the bloody Arthur Daley figure pretending to run the country!

    [tell your minders they are very special people, and much loved for all that they do.]

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    F451's post | 20/02/2012 10:53 am

    People will be forced into house shares, and even room shares, as the only alternative to street homelessness or comitting benefit fraud. This is a highly backward step for our society and one that could be avoided if rents were reduced to more realistic levels and housing supply increased so people could actually move into a home more closely fitting their size requirements.

    Yes, the 'freed' up housing that results from this will be available to let out at 80%MR to a new family (until their make up changes) but the extra HB to fund this will totally blank out any saving from forcing out the smaller family - especially when that smaller family will either be in more expensive private rented housing or more expensive B&B temporary homeless housing.

    It is a sad statement on our nation that this is not only being implemented but with the consent of the nodding classes.

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    F451's post | 20/02/2012 10:20 am

    Cause for celebration - Rick is still with us.

    I'm so pleased to know you are still in the land of the living Rick. I was honestly beginning to fear the worst, and such a loss that would be.

    I was also hoping you'd be back on-line before I put out my flame at the end of this week (other time demands arising for a while, but then the odd alter-ego will still be able to pop up every now and again, and I did announce that this hot little chap could only ever last till Spring - well the bulbs are coming up in Somerset at least!)

    Thanks for making my week already Rick, simply by still breathing!

  • Posted in: Building stronger communities

    F451's post | 17/02/2012 5:41 pm

    Fair enough Tricky - I do refute the denial claim, but accept it in the spirit of Friday.

    If your motivation is to learn from what others put perhaps commenting less and questioning more would help you achieve that.

  • Posted in: Building stronger communities

    F451's post | 17/02/2012 4:14 pm

    Tricky, you ask for less condescension and then go on to make condescending and outright malicious remarks against tenants. As ever you have nothing to bring to the table - yet you feel able to contribute your anti-tenant stance.

    I do not deny that some tenants are poorly behaved, if not outrightly condescending and malicious to others and in their attitude to society. I do attribute such negative examples as being in the minority. Indeed, you may find such negative behaviours in other communities too, even cyber communities.

    My extent of reaction to your own position is the insistance you have to tar all with one brush and justify extreme action against all because of the actions of a minority.

    Perhaps you do not mean to be so offensive, but out of interest, are there any issues or subjects where you do have something to contribute?

  • Posted in: Building stronger communities

    F451's post | 17/02/2012 3:17 pm

    There Tricky - don't you feel better for letting your true feelings out. Now, how about sharing an idea, a suggestion, any proposition you may have for making things better.


    Anything at all?

    Don't be shy, I'm sure there is an idea in there somewhere - or can you only comment on other's ideas?

    No I do not blame the extra taxes the Tories are humping onto the backs of tenants for the lack of community strength. Those taxes have yet to be fully implemented and so are yet to kill off the kindling hope some people may have.

    I think I was quite clear, but you ignored, that enablement, support and nurturing were the way forward. Working with people instead of against them. Building people up instead of knowcking them down. Emphasising just how much the popularist negative image of areas is often a description of the smallest minority; encouraging the majority to stand up and be seen for the strength and good that they are.

    Our leaders are telling us that reducing regulation and taxation on business will aid growth, yet they want extra regulation and taxation on the poor, whom they also demand to set out and found new businesses, take self control and responsibility, use your own resources to better yourself. All a little hard to do when the Tories are robbing you blind and stupid Oiks insist on painting the majority as is they behaved like the minority.

    In summary therefore, stamping on little worms like Tricky can only aid the development of stronger and fairer communities.

  • Posted in: Building stronger communities

    F451's post | 17/02/2012 12:59 pm

    How about with enablement, support, nurturing Tricky?

    Perhaps if tenants, like business, were not squeezed to the limit they may grow and develop. Perhaps if those in communities looking to self improve were not penalised through items such as Tenant Tax, Bedroom Tax, Development tax, such self improvement might deliver wider community beneift more quickly.

    Just some outline thoughts - do you have any ideas of your own to offer?

  • Posted in: Risk management challenges

    F451's post | 16/02/2012 3:51 pm

    Cover the arrears potential by charging tenants more would be the government guidance.

    Employ temps and volunteers to plug the gaps would be the next government guidance.

    Ensure all borrowing is stacked upon tenants so the wider economy is not effected would be the other government guidance.

    My view would be that the landlords need to get more off of the fence and challenge the government, laying down the 'law' over how they will not comply. After all, when the Tories big business friends and city sponsors behave that way the government gives them all and anything they demand.

  • Posted in: Risk management challenges

    F451's post | 16/02/2012 2:11 pm

    I'd have thought the biggest risk as a result of government policy will be the growing body of tenants unable to afford to live in their own homes.

    The second biggest risk as a result of government propaganda will be staff retention as lowering pay and conditions together with the never ending onslaught of negative presentation makes working in the sector undesirable.

    Then, of course there is also the risk of the economy being so weakened by current policy that current borrowing becomes unsustainable.

  • Posted in: housing association

    F451's post | 16/02/2012 10:24 am

    Possibly Mark, it depends on whether the status of the communal area has been changed, or if it never existed. If it never existed you may need to explain why you agreed to pay for it. If it has changed then you have paid for a 'service' you have enjoyed. If it has not changed status but still exists you are benefiting from the landlords waiving the cost. However, if your landlord developed the homes with public funds then they have a duty to collect all costs where reasonable and possible.

    There are so many possibilities I'd say ask a professional legal source.

    Other questions are: was the communal area detailed in the lease; was the communal area detailed in the property details if leasehold. If it is in neither then there is an argument that a charge should not have been levied. If it was described as part of the property but does not exist then that falls under the Properties Misdescription Act (however, one of the early acts of the Tories was to water this Act down so as to no longer disadvantage thier friends in estate agencies).

    Simply as you describe it, I'd want the three year payment back; but as I say, speak to a professional source.

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