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  • Posted in: The new front page layout - is it Marmite?

    F451's post | 20/12/2011 3:50 pm

    Could comment boxes be made any larger, so that eye-scan reviewing is simpler (essential for rushed numbskulls who can't spell) or failing that a preview option prior to posting to assist sending in those posts with glaring errors, or even missing parts?

  • Posted in: Council Housing is not subsidised

    F451's post | 19/12/2011 12:05 pm

    It has always struck me as a little odd how desparate the Blue People are to cling to the notion of subsidy as another hammer to beat tenants with - yet they refuse to digest the fact that the financial arrangement has now been reveresed, or to accept the fact that many other parts of life is subsidised, but because this supports private sector profit appears to be acceptable.

    It's a little like the way the 'masses' of the 2nd world clung to Stalinism and Maoism against all evidence to the contrary.

    When will the Blue People cease with their attacks and allow a unified country to once again prosper?

  • Posted in: Tenancy: where do I stand?

    F451's post | 19/12/2011 11:09 am

    The other side of these questions is - why were such matters not made clear before the ballot to chose the new landlord (or was there no choice offered, and no ballot taken - so tenants were just treated like so much cattle and sold to their new owners?)

  • Posted in: Problem tenants

    F451's post | 16/12/2011 2:05 pm

    Sorry to double the posts Wendy (I hate it when others do that) but as an after thought on your 'never to LHA tenants again'

    How will you ensure that as anyone could find themselves claiming LHA - indeed it seems these tenants did not start out as needing LHA. Can you have a clause in the tenancy that says automatic eviction if you claim LHA?

    Similarily - if you had a tenant who was not supported by LHA who withheld payments would you refuse to let to non-LHA tenants in future as a reprisal also?

    There is a contract between the two of you, they have broken it, you are now enforcing it. Where is the problem exactly, in terms that did not exist when you started this business venture?

  • Posted in: Problem tenants

    F451's post | 16/12/2011 2:00 pm

    Probably a silly question, but knowing that some councils can take a long while to process a claim, and then it is paid in arrears, is it possible that the outstanding funds have not been paid to the tenants either?

  • Posted in: Should separate Communal areas have separate electricity meters?

    F451's post | 16/12/2011 10:29 am

    Well done David - it is so pleasing to hear from someone who is actually doing something positive for themselves and their neighbours rather than whinging on about what the Council of Association has not done as a result of failed telepathy.

    I hope you and your neighbours gain the outcome that you want, and are then enthuised to continue to be active tenants seeking greater effectiveness and efficiency from your landlord, and through to from the wider community and the representatives we elect to do our bidding.

    With more an more tenants like you the chance of the government getting away with the madness of the past decades becomes less, so I am really heartened by your campaign.

  • Posted in: Bedroom Tax Lost the Vote said it would be Cruel

    F451's post | 15/12/2011 4:20 pm

    Why this came to mind I dont know - it just seems to fit with Pickles' veto of the Lords:
    Bad Lord Pickles looked out
    On the Feast of Stephen
    When the snow lay round about,
    Deep and crisp and even;
    Brightly shone the moon that night,
    Tho' the frost was cruel,
    When a poor man came in sight,
    Gath'ring winter fuel.

    “Come here Shapps”, stand by me
    If you know, who is that,
    What does he earn,
    And where does he live?
    Sir, he lives on Council Estate
    Round the back of Wapping
    He earns the minimum wage
    And can’t afford real shopping.

    Bring me whips and bring me chains
    Bring me Lords amendments
    Let him watch me destroy his hope
    Go to him this minute
    Shapps and Pickles both went out
    Laughing at the weather
    Treading puppies underfoot
    Like they knew no other

    Sir, said Shapps, its dark out here
    And I can hear some people
    I’m worried Sir lest the ask me
    What I’m here for.
    Follow me well said Pickles
    Do just what I tell you
    Have no fear of common men
    They don’t bleed as we do.

    So Shapps carried on that way
    Wrecking all and sunder
    Many were burned
    And more consumed
    Just so few could prosper
    Wealth or rank possessing,
    Ye who now will smite the poor,
    And share there wealth as a blessing.

  • Posted in: Announcing - nothing

    F451's post | 09/12/2011 4:08 pm

    The other point about this flurry of callers is that people are still game for the something for nothing culture introduced by Thatcher and perpertuated by Blair.

    How odd it is that supporters of the right to buy are supporting the gifting of large sums of taxpayer money to people who are not the elite, and the sharing of their debt across the remaining reduced community of tenants, but for that to be paid for, in part through housing benefit funded by the taxpayer.

    Why do these taxpayers want to see their hard earned taxes poured into individual pockets this way, and then have to pay higher taxes to repay the debt for years afterwards?

  • Posted in: Announcing - nothing

    F451's post | 09/12/2011 2:42 pm

    Ok nonny - as you say then it must be.

    There are no little munchkins working for the government guiding the media on what to emphasise in a story. There was only ever Andy Coulson, and now he is otherwise a little busy, there is nobody else inside the government or the party briefing the press.

    Equally the CLG never issued a press guidance or public FAQ saying the details of when and how RTB will work would be part of the Housing Strategy - and of course the PM never presented the item in language that suggested these were changes already made.

    Of course not nonny - never happened and never does.

  • Posted in: Announcing - nothing

    F451's post | 09/12/2011 1:04 pm

    Media Manipulation and Spin not something the government should take responsibility for then Nonnie?

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