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    simon ryan's post | 20/02/2013 12:57 pm


    rewards in financial terms means pay , pay means some form of wage /salary   and decisions are rewarded by the end user of the board   , pay also means you are working on behalf of the person or company who is issueing the reward ,

    ime glad i resigned over the renumeration part as my H/A staff said i was crazy to do so and should stay and refuse pay if i didnt want it ,they couldnt force me to take pay it wouldnt be allowed to be like that  

    my feeling was my H/A didnt want people who would make decisions that they thought would be right for tennants and company side by side , and 6 weeks arfter i resigned , i attened an amalgamation meeting held by my H/A where they stated , they had made there final decision and  all customer board memebers WOULD HAVE TO take pay , so a few  others who joined the board at same time as me had no choice but to walk up to me and say i was right and they then handed in there resignations from the board , wich was 1 of the saddest days in my involvement in the houseing sector

     i now have far more trust and respect for them than i do for those who are being paid to make decisions on behalf and only in favour of the H/A involved ,,  this is the major problems makeing people take pay causes ,

    i have to agree with zoe in a point,, but i do believe in mpi that if a member doesnt want to be paid ,then it should be accepted pratice to allow that ,therefore createing a board that no one can say is only full of yes people  and people only there for the renumeration rather than good of all involved and the pay they refuse i most definately enougth to create an aprentaship for a needy tennant { i tried useing that idea but my H/A rejected that idea 100% so there fore i stuck by my morals and resigned ,,

    unless H/A's can except that some people do things for good of all .not pay ,and some would like pay for there involvement and BOTH CAN WORK TOGETHER , then i think  trust l from tennats and employees alike  will  never be given to the boards on a 100% basis

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    simon ryan's post | 08/02/2013 11:02 am

    i do agree with some of what you say  stan , unfortuneatly i dont believe our h/a moved to this system for tennants benefit { i also understand the h/a also has to benefit from any system they run ,} ime glad i was the first to resign from  the customer board our h/a implemented , from this they went to disbanding our tennant groups to form lets say more agreeable {for the h/a } panels , our tennants federation is no longer and we now seem to have comming up panels of yes tennants in small groups decideing ,some of them dont even live in the same county let alone area  what is best for a majority of tennants that dont even know whats going on untill the panels desicions hit them ,

    i am under a h/a that owns a serious amount of properties and buisness premissis , yet for there get to gether to find members of these panels ,they have hired a building when just 500meters away is a hall they own and could use saveing on cost and being real vfm  that holds as manny as the place they have booked , to tennants and myself , this doesnt install trust between tennant and h/a as the only reason we can see as a small independant tennat group is they are worried that if they hold it in there own building { which is in the midle of an estate they own } they would recieve more non desirable aplications compared to the ones they really want , unfortunately i see the h/a drawing away from real tennant participation and governance , our boards have been told they have to recieve pay for doing what they origannly done on a volenteering basis thats why i resinged as my thought is "if you recieve pay you are working for the h/a and cant implement and independant and none bias view " and to me independance is the main root for good tennant participation to build on  


    simon ryan's post | 26/09/2012 6:27 pm

    hey thanks for the kind thoughts aida and they are most greatly taken on board ,

    the point i was trying to make is to some my story and believe me its not all on here ,is horrific  but the old saying goes "thank god for what you have there is allways someone worse of than thee "and that keeps me going and from decideing the world and people have become to nasty to live with anymore , if i had my way ide name and shame my h/a  and all those involved but what would it get me , 5 minits fame an no h/a in the country wanting or willing to house me,

    i was trying to explain ,if none of this had happened to me ,and then my car was broken into i could see that as a personal attack against me and feel the same way as greyed   and ,live the same way as i do now due to the above  , like a hermit , non trusting of anyone ,and slightly {some times going on excesive}paranoidic,, my problem is i like my social houseing it was excellent before,, but has gone down hill since we amalgamated with a big boy ,,i cant be or bear any malice towards it , i just find it has in my case  failed horrifically but  its something that officials wouldnt admit to and i feel  they think if they help me its admitting fault on there part , so i sit shut up and hope oneday it will all go away ,, because there really  isnt a goverment body that will make it go for me


    simon ryan's post | 26/09/2012 2:03 pm

    hallo , folks , ive been away bfrom here for a while due to illness and suffering loads more asb , a drug dealer near me   when they got busted by police over 4 years ago , decided i had grassed them in , my windows and private property suffered 2 years of abuse and damage , it started to calm down , then a houseing association magazine published a photo of me with a [police officer recieveing a cheque from them for a youth club , but the caption underneath stated i was the police man , another 12 months of abuse , the dealers  got released this year and evicted from there social houseing for breach of tennancy , unfortunately just before this , my h/a had published its first new magazine arfter an amalgamation and in it they ran a story of how i was a customer board member, so yep  the dealers decided it was my fault they had been evicted because i was in there eyes an employee of the h/a , ive been beaten up several times over it , and a few weeks ago 3 big bruisers arrived at my door ready to damage me , i decided ide  had enougth of this abuse { remember each time something had happened it was reported  to police and h/a , } so i asked for my h/a to move me , there answer was they could only do that if i made a statement against the dealers { putting myself in jepoardy yet again} i refused and was told the only way i could move was to go on a swap shceme and wait for someone to want to swap , and the police answer , cant do anything untill they do something physical we can prove ,

    i became totally disalusioned with the whole police and h/a so called asb dept and have given up , now just waiting for the day they manage to do something fatal to me ,,, the reason i write this statement is to show even if you think its an horrific story please remember we are all human and my events are no more or less harder to cope with than any persons car being broke into , its all a crime against another human being , we are all as important as each other and hopefully when everyone out there realize this fact maybe the country can start to work on this ever growing problem instead of argueing who has got it or had it worse than another fellow human being


    simon ryan's post | 23/04/2012 2:32 pm

    agree or not we all have the same ends we are trying to reach ,we just go about it in different ways , in an ideal world there wouldnt be a problem but in the world we live into today , the only way to achieve the out come is to comunicate with each other and debate ,, even then no 1 person or group can achieve the ideal world because we all have different opinions on how it should be , ide be happier with some of the posters on here as leaders  of my H/As than some who are in the position now ,, because the 1 thing i just cant get the H/A ime under to realize ,,,{ even though they keep agreeing everytime a tennant or customer is let down} ,,,,, comunication,, comunication,, is the most major failure ever undertaken by H/As of this decade { god they dont even do that within there own buildings nowadays


    simon ryan's post | 23/04/2012 1:27 pm

    i even agree that h/as shouldnt have the power of arrest but what they should have  the power to do is remove with imediate affect anyone who breaches there tenancies with  serious asb , if this isnt done then as we see in most estates in the country , once 1 person has got away with a serious breach all others with like wise minds want to and end up living somewher close to the area thus createing the no go areas of the 70s, american style gettos  and some of the law less estates around nowadays ,,, i dont believe h/as are totally of the hook as even the courts will let these sort of peolpe go for lots of reasons there fore the H/A has a duty not to fail its tennants by alloweing the offenders to just return to there social houseing ,, in short i think h/as SHOULD AND DO HAVE A SECONDARY ROLE IN COMBATTING ASB BUT SHOULD ACTUALLY PERFORM THE ROLE , not just shout and publisize it


    simon ryan's post | 19/04/2012 9:16 am

    there is 1 MASSIVE failure to tennants from H/As when this kind of thing happens they never openly admit they have made a wrong decision or publisize it ,but when its the right desicion made its put out into the public domane everyway it can get it out there , transparency only seems to work from 1 side and sorry but my own opinion and it is MY PERSONAL OPINION , non elected scrutiny panels are a farce , as most only get to scrutinize what a H/A allows them to and not compeltely across the company as it should be


    simon ryan's post | 19/04/2012 9:07 am

    hi housemouse

    no probs its what i would do if i felt that as well , i have to say i did get carried away on that 1 as it was personal ,,, my point i was trying to make was the ASTER H/A failed tennants as when i made my report to them they told me there was nowt wrong with what i had alleged and dismissed it with a letter to me saying they had no concern ,without investigateing where tennants money had gone and what the person had done ,,,,,, NOW i can say they failed me because others have come forward with the same allegations against the same people with proof and i feel failed by my H/A because they are now haveing an investigation ,  the way they seem to treat complaints nowadays is to brush them under carpet  and do anything to keep them of there hub so when they nxt are up for review they stand a chance of an extra star rateing , that to me is a big tenant failure doing it  just to get that extra point since i resigned from customer board for them demanding we should be paid i have had totally different treatment from them than before when i was an involved tennant and have now left the tennant participation totally , you have and had a right to do what you did the same as i do and i now have good respect for you based on the basis that you even had the respect to let me know you reported it , if i knew who you are ide invite you for a free pint just out of respect  


    simon ryan's post | 18/04/2012 5:11 pm

    and you have a 100% god given right to be that way and ide back youre corner against any one saying you havnt ,,

    my post was of a personal tennant failure by my H/A and i thi nk because i named them and put details it was removed and they have a right to do it i suppose , thats where i find a lot of tennant failure from landlords ,H/As and privates ,,, years ago tennants could aproach them complain , complement , advise ,and they WOULD listen to everyword you said and answer you even if it weas just "THANK YOU"

    nowadays ive seen so much tennant participation squashed and replaced by so called srutiny boards that even that becomes a failure by the land lords , all they seem to be interested in these days is getting a good name ,no matter how ,extra stars in the rateings no matter how and to seem as if they are folowing everyguide line issued by goverments  but we know they dont in the real world , that was the start of the failure and since then everything has gone downhill , become decietfull and coperate and the poor tennant loses from every angle no matter if they are BAD tennants or GOOD ones who comply


    simon ryan's post | 18/04/2012 4:36 pm

    hey no worries , i cant debate that if you do wrong there are comebacks if i breached a rule or offended somone thats the comeback so ime happy with it for what ever reason it was removed , it may not of been someone it could of been a company so hey ho lets get back to conversation and a shame you missed it


    simon ryan's post | 18/04/2012 3:48 pm

    oops i must of broke a rule or offfended someone ,with last comment so apologies given for that


    simon ryan's post | 18/04/2012 9:19 am

    This post has been removed.


    simon ryan's post | 17/04/2012 4:52 pm

    hallo anon 4-24pm
    i did get the police to act in the end but the law is a toall ass , they arestted both tenants {dealers} but because 1 of them admitted everything they let the other go free 25 minutes later and thats the problem , once they had been released my life went to hell and back , the housing as you say and i agree with you on this point need more legal powers , but once the 1 had ammitted it the H/A ime under decided that was it all ok now ,,, NO and far from it my world got even worse and i had to question that if they didnt evict under the dealing of illegal drugs section on the tenanncies then i would go to papers to show there is 1 rule for 1 and another for anyone else , ,, i truely believe if a tenant causes more than 1 breach by way of asb then it should be out you go , do not pass go and no we wont pay youre removal fees or be liable to rehouse you for 5yrs ,


    simon ryan's post | 14/04/2012 7:41 am

    i dont know about them but i can give you a quick run down on me , i am stuck in a situ at mo where a drug dealer decided i had" GRASSED THEM UP" due to the fact i got involved as a tenant and started a youth club that worked alongside h/a and police 3yrs ago , since then ive had my head caved in with hammers recievd 6 stitches twice  , £2000 damage to house ,£3.500 damage to van and untill i isisted they remove these people , my H/A had the dam cheek to ask me if i would like to move , { move , i never started the dam thing of or helped it along its way ,,} between that south west housing put a picture of me in there magazine and stated i was an under cover police man , since these 2 events my life has been hell , i refused to move and it was i that demanded they remove the ofending tenants , 3yrs gone by , they still live 100yrds away , i still get serious abuse and my life is made hell and only recently   when it affected my mental health and  i   threatened to go to news papers or higher ups have the H/A stoped asking me if they can move me , got of there backsides and started doing something about it ,, NOT TO SORT THE PROPBLEM ,,,OR THAT ITS THERE JOB TO DO IT ,,  JUST TO MAKE SURE THEY DONT GET ANY BAD PUBLICITY FROM ALL OFF IT


    simon ryan's post | 13/04/2012 10:12 am

    well said , you are right its not the fact that asb is happening its the fact that when you report it as asked it does in most cases cause a 100% increase in the asb directed at the victim because all the{official } peolpe dealing with it , do it under the umbrela of wanting to make things better but there really only there to earn a wage so it stands to follow there not dumb and the longer they keep a case running the longer there in work , its now a case of sod the victims , lets good on paper and act as if we are over comming the problem on paper and for goverment guide lines , when will they all realise we live in a real world not the fantasy of lets look as though we are sorting it and hope it goes away , when people take there own lives then surely someone has to understand the policies in place to counter act ASB are most definetly NOT WORKING ,


    simon ryan's post | 12/04/2012 4:41 pm

    to true mr anon or mrs anon , i agree 100% , why ask people to try to stop this sh**e and then leave them hanging and recieveing more sh*te than they had to start with

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    simon ryan's post | 08/04/2012 5:27 pm

    if a provider cant supply it shouldnt be called a provider it should be just called a super store  and they dont open on easter sundays where as at least theres some tenants and H/a people out there  that are willing to help and debate no matter what day

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    simon ryan's post | 01/04/2012 8:34 am

    firstly i reckon you need to firstly get yersself a benefit advisor to make sure you know every implication in wich way this affects tenants ,because half imformation is only as good as no imformation at all , and it may not suprise you there are even people out there running H/As that dont know or understand the benefits changes and are relaying incorect information to tenanats , then the best way to get it out there if visit all the tenants forums /panels and give them the imformation then have an open day and imformation ppass on session and arfter that visit or write to the un imformed and ask them if they understand if not arange a place they can meet a speaker and hear about it , but i have to insist on what rick has said ,, a lot of tenants caan only take in words that are spoken in real world english and not the big goobly gook thats normally used, because if you dont understand the words you cant take in the imformation , another bit of knowledge that may help is ,,, we run a tennants forum if we have a meeting we normally have about a 50% attendance rate but if we run a free childs event we seem to get at least 25% more attending adults then you get to speak to and get feed back from them it also helps because they havnt got to find a  child sitter to attend the meeting ,,, good luck to you on youre mission


    simon ryan's post | 31/03/2012 1:31 pm

    the problem as i see it is the original question , there is a growing force behind H/As recently to use the rent arear eviction clause for anyone who doesnt act ,behave or agree with what they want , in a normal world this would be called bullying or at worse BLACKMAIL or forced cohersion , i as a very serious and involved tennant would gather up a group of residents with in the area and go at the H/A from all angles , the more there are the less strength the H/A has , it seems that unless you are in the shelterd ,or extra needs sector { because thats where the biggest money is at moment } nowadays you are treated as dog poo , i bet the bit of land you are on about is never properly maintained by youre H/A to start with ,so if you looked arfter it then it would surely benenefit youre community ,, you may find youre struggle long and hard but believe me there are people on I/H that would support and advise you all the way my friend , keep at em , dont give up and eventually the idiots that seem to be youre careing landlord will hang there selves ,,  companies get so big ,so cocky, so money and credit grabbing they forget who keeps them in work and useally end up hanging themselves with a very long rope AND DESERVE IT

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    simon ryan's post | 31/03/2012 8:47 am

    if that was meant for me amelia ,then thanks cause even my H/A puts me down due to my honesty and the fact i say what i feel or think as long as theres truth behind it i feel it cant be argued with there fore a DEBATE has to take place rather that the normal big word arguement

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    simon ryan's post | 28/03/2012 9:46 am

    hasnt any one realized you cant BUILD a community , they build there selves and that can only be done by the people within the area themselves , if an H/A tries to build 1 there is allways in the back of the minds of people participateing " oh yes what do they get out of it " , comunitties are built by moralls ,feelings and the understanding of everyone as to where the boundries are put by others ,,, a comunity BUILT, will eventually collapse a comunity grown will if allowed to continue will grow into what we all remember from the past cause thats how they developed back in them days  in my opinion

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 3:10 pm

    yes anon i agree 100% with the staement concerning the betrayal of tenants needs and rights ,and thats not because ive just been betrayed { ime used to that } its because as you believe i also am like wise in my beliefs and unless we keep our rights to be that way we will all end up os being  walked round and treated like ever obediant puppies

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 10:19 am

    well done sunflower ,so you will understand why i resigned my position and returned to the 1 forumla i honestly believe works best , elected tenant forums and hence am now a vice chair on my forum ,,, H/As do claim" its picked tenants that can work  with board above them" but i found it was more of a case that it picks tenants that a higher board can tell or control the decisions made when the tenants board /panel or what ever you want to call it sits

    election with a wide spectrum of tenants involved works best , sod the H/As if you can get tenants that have other tenants at there hearts and not self gratifications or ego you couldnt get better groups 

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:57 am

    ps  in my posts i said you use the same words as our H/A , that wasnt a dig or snipe , the H/A ime a tenant of uses this phrase on all its leaflets and advertizeing . "TENANTS AT OUR HEART " and thats what i meant , but i also know that the only thing at the heart of a campany is the top line of figures it can generate or achieve

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:53 am

    mr anon , no ime not trying to tell you anything , i am only a common tenant and dont believe anyone has the right to tell anyone anything , what ime doing and my opinion only is I AGREE WITH YOU THAT ELECTION OF PANEL MEMBERS IS FAR BETTER THAN PLACED POSITIONS , but i say if it works in the area that people are chosen then good for that area but like you i beleive not everything works everywhere , there was no personal dig to anyone intended just honest opinion that i have

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:48 am

    "why are you trying to con tenants into believing that the interests of the landlords are the same as the tenants when it comes to a dispute"

    if  you sit on a tenants panel then both partrties interests have to be considerd equal untill a decision is made or should we have panels that will only vote in favour of a tenant or only in favour of a H/A ,,, ive just sat on a panel where the head of an H/A didnt even know the H/B or DWP laws ,,,,so even though i voted in the tenants favour the H/A could of put the tenant in trouble with DWP , AND H/B departments due to compensations  just because they didnt know the DWP or H/B laws , so thank god as a tenant i was there to guide them.. i wouldnt ever vote in favour of an H/A unless i was  100% sure they were right in there decisions like wise tenants ,,,,, you cant put a panel down wether elected or chosen if it works on the basis of ,honesty, truth and balance of fairness 

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 8:48 am

    perfect sentence for this is " an item  is only as good as the parts that make it whole " my beliefe is ,,no matter if a panel is elected or chosen as long as its doing the duties  it was given at its conception , it has to be good and there are enougth foot soldiers out there to stop ,collaspe or alter the status quo if its not performing to its best for company or tenants and untill the system has been tried and looked at no one will know which way its best to go for sure  

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 8:01 am

    morning anon , you use the same words as our H/A used , i am an elected vice chair of a tenant forum , our customer board was not elected but interviewed for 2 days and then given positions , i resigned for my own moral  reasons , but what the election process did show me was ,,, all the people from the forums and federation who did not get chosen ,turned nasty on those who did and slaged the selection process down to hell , but i know that if they had been chosen they would of praised it to the  hevens , so that shows me that even though i believe in the same as you elected reps ,it showed me that not all those who participate and get involved are there for tenants or to represent them they are there for there own ego and gratification , so even though i do agree with you ,can you say how the old boy network and self serving ego heads that get elected by manipulateing there friends at the voteing venue can be sifted out and real tenants with other tenants at there heart s placed where they should be

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    simon ryan's post | 21/03/2012 5:33 pm

    my opinion personally is ,  its a sop,having been on tennants forums and participation for 10 yrs,,, also recently a customer board member and a panel member dealing with complaints ect, i have found there is no better way of  dealing with any scrutiny , complaints or governance issues with out an elected member that is a tenant and  ellceted by tenants not the H/A ,,, ive tried all 3 and sorry to say {because i believe the concept of customer board and panels is excellent but its how these tennants  get in that position that seems to mess it up } teannant forums made up of tennants ellected by tennants and backed by the federation  is the best way 100% for me ,

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    simon ryan's post | 15/03/2012 3:22 pm

    1=1 i am and if yer ever in the west lets go fishing for a day

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    simon ryan's post | 15/03/2012 3:21 pm

    i have 1 question burning in my head since reading the ban anons ,,,,,,,,, how manny people who use thiis site in the listed catorgories ,,,,, 1 tennant?????????? ,2, h/a staff,???????????  3 other goverment bodies  4, people that have no concern really about houseing issues but just like to look in ???????????

    if you wish to answer you dont have to make it a long one just 1 +4 or whatever will do as i would like to come back in 7 days to see  ,,, ime curios

    trolls i know yer wanna play but even if you like trolling try not to play on this 1 and thats an honest please personally from me

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    simon ryan's post | 15/03/2012 3:10 pm

    derren like you i agree ive only been on here a few weeks and like my friend {and i dont know him but have great respect for him just by his posts } RICK ii have troulble posting some things i wish to say but with all the anons on here its impoosiblke to reply direct , ANYONE THOUGHT IT COULD BE IH THATS ANON ?????  some comments you can tell are intended as trolling just to get yewr back up but when you reply the other anons start to have a go because they think you are aiming youre comments at them , pen names are excelent ,it works the imagination , the thought of a reply and for all everyone on here knows every post  by anon may actually be just 1anon , wich is a shame because some of the anon postings ive read have good honest discusable content where as others are just ego heads ,, ime just a tenant but am know by my friends and others includeing my H/A to say it as i see it and if ime wrong except the fact apologize and learn ,, as anon i feel i cant do that that with them cause to me it says they dont stand by there convictions but just by there secrets

    shame really because anyone can see a debate is better when there are names or faces to go with the knowledge and feelings  

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    simon ryan's post | 15/03/2012 10:05 am

    balance , fairnes, equal opertunities and understanding is a sound basis for living life but ime afraid some have found it easier to cry the poor me cry , that then puts everyone who is truely in that catagory unfairly tarred with the same brush , we can nevr change that without reverting to dragonian ways {  god ide top myself if the world went back that way} so we only have forums like this to debate it and show there are peolpe left out there like this unfortunately people like you and i  seem to be in the minority

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    simon ryan's post | 14/03/2012 8:59 pm

    dave inglis , i couldnt agree with you more but i also have to agree with mr anomymous {it allways strikes me as strange , if you believe then you shouldnt have to hide who you are } we have become an over careing state but unfortunenatley in some cases in the wrong area , ime 50+ ive been on benefits for a while but have worked for years from 13 arfter bunking shcool to the age of 40+, had cancer twice ,got a spinal decease  now ,but still do on average 30hrs aweek volentry work , i have friends that are good people but at the age of 25 you ask them why they dont work and they reply why should i . we lost the teach em work ethics in shcools years ago and thats the tart of it , since then we have taken away self esteeme of our young folks and that has produed a "THE WORLD OWES ME " culture , i never had it but by what my elders told me national service would sort out most of the problems in this country today {no i dont mean send em all to war } in MY OPINION any one over 20 able to work but not fortunate to have work should if they want social houseing have to sign up for national comunities service ,  at least 2 days a week . this would help them get a work ethic if they dont have 1 ,it will help them understand an englishmans home is his castle , not they own  the whole area they live in , apreciate the fact it is good to come HOME to a place they repect and fel pride in earning , would save millions and add more money to the system to build houses for those in need comming up , not this wiff woff of build 100 homes and sell 60% of em , get them built rent them out and build comunities that want to live TOGETHER for life, therfore taking it back to its orginal concept ,of everyone being entitled to a suitable home and standerd of life as long as they agree the same rule is for EVERYONE   

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    simon ryan's post | 14/03/2012 3:20 pm

    as  a child i remember my mum saying to us ,"we will be alright now , this is our home for life " then i thought its excelent we arnt tikes anymore because we own our house its ours for life ,, how mistaken i was and nowadays i wish i could of seen the future , but hey ho thats the way things go when you is a child

    now i look at houseing as a safety net provided by local authorities to help the poor ,the disabled and the stuck , unfortunately the latter has become the biggest sector , not by there own doing but as i see it and its only my opinion, by every goverment whether they be red,blue or yellow {or a mix }, the problem i see is a goverment comes into power nowadays and instead of actually listening to the people they invent an enquirey group and listen to them , ide understand that practice  but cant see how they can form decisions without at least asking 3million people , the houseing sector is failing people not because of its decisions but because of idiots THAT WE ELECT TO RUN THE COUNTRY ,, {what a rant } nowadays i dont believe socail houseing is in the same ilk as prior , it should be a stable enviroment for life to bring up a family and live life but i do say if you decide you run the world and everyone has to be as you want,  at a cost to there right to enjoy life then you should have the right to houseing taken away from you  the same as most people who cause asb in an obtrusive way , my answer and opinion is yes it should be for life, if you allow everyone around you to live there life , if you fail to transfer to children on death of the named tenant then it will damage and break down the communities that have been built up so far on this basis ,,, wich is what has happened in the past 10yrs since i joined the  tenant participation  world

  • Posted in: Under occupation

    simon ryan's post | 12/03/2012 4:37 pm

    i live in a small town with large estates , and what amazes me is the so called "bedroom tax" only hits those that are low if not zero income , we seem to have a sociaty today that says if you are stuck in a rut we will kick you hard and make sure you are jammed right in it , what has happened to the world , i know we have a lot of benefit people in to large a property but arnt we forgeting we also have a very large number of working people who are also in far to big a property for there needs ,, and yep i expect the words " well if you work and pay you shpuld be able to live where and how you want 2" but come on folks get real ,, we will not shorten the list  of the properties needed by penalizeing the poor ,,we should also be looking at those who occupy more space than is needed weather they are working or not , how manny of you ha workers out there are living in social houseing with extra bedrooms and still go to work saying " i dont know what we can do , weve got 200 aplicants for 3 bedroom places and only 100 voids ,,, er hum is that includeing youre 3 bed semi detached that youve decided even if you can afford it you would like to see a family of 5 have it ,NO I DOUBT THAT TOTALLY

  • Posted in: Board member pay

    simon ryan's post | 10/03/2012 5:03 pm

     coleman i feel for you ,i am lucky that the county i am in is made up of people who wont allow that to happen to us , amenable compliant tenant ime not ,

    ime willing to agree to try any progress that anyone wants to but what i wont let happen in my world, if i can stop it ,is a bunch of bullies no matter if they are a H/A, ,an ego head or an outside influence , take me and fellow tenants for a ride that has no basis of truth ,honesty or progresion contained within it ,, just there own personal gratification ,,     

    thats a ride i would never sign up for   

  • Posted in: Board member pay

    simon ryan's post | 10/03/2012 4:30 pm

    i believe customer boards if put in place as they are originally concieved are a great concept but with mine i started on a football pitch and closed my eyes for a second and when i opened them it had become a rugby field

    i think its up to the individual as to the payment issue ,it wasnt what i joined for and on top of goal post changes i decided it wasnt for me ,,

    ime a active involved tenant foot soldier i create ideas to improve tenants lifes ,i act on them and i get a buzz out of seeing tenants get what they need and are entitled to out of mine and my forums actions ,this is the life i choose to be in and enjoy ,

    i also respect those who can sit at a table and decide things to improve a tenants lot , the people left on my board are all 100% capable of doing that ,, the fear is now ive left all the ego heads will try to get my place and destroy the people left bit by bit to turn it back to old boy net working ,and even if the H/a isnt happy to go along with it they will have to just to tick goverment boxes  

  • Posted in: Board member pay

    simon ryan's post | 10/03/2012 9:20 am

    i would like to add to my statement above as this is a topic about pay or no pay ,,i joined as anon paid memeber ,but a board higher up than ours decided we had to take pay if we acepted chair/vice or portfolios to work on and my moralls kept saying inside me ," i got into tenant involvement because i wanted to help promote my H/A, my fellow tennants and anyone else that wanted to get involved as  a non paid volenteer , there was several who applied just cause they thought they would earn from it ie- payment,ego credit ,little perks that other tenants may have to wait for ,,, i am PROUD that these were not my reasons but sad that the goal posts moved so far i couldnt perform to my best , luckily for my fellow tenants the members left on my board are the perfect mix , but when they advertise my ex posittion i am worried that a lot of the nasty back stabbers will get a position on the board  therefore undoing the work my H/A has done and destroying the good nature of those still left on the customer board i was part of


  • Posted in: Board member pay

    simon ryan's post | 10/03/2012 8:41 am

    i have just resigned as a customer board member of my H/A, the actual position was ok but things changed so much from when it was first advertised  as a new concept i found i had problems with my own personall morals  , i took the position as non paid and then arfter several goal post changes i found i wouldnt really be involved with tenants ,ide just be decideing on H/A  policies ,thats not me ime a foot soldier in the tenant world , unfortunatly i did find going from a forum to a board ,my so called friends all turned on me because there egotistic way got hurt when they didnt get a position , still you soon learn who is an involved tenant and who is there really for there own gratification ,there own ego and how much they can rip there H/A{but really the tenants } of , the concept of a non paid board is 1 of the best things ive seen come into the social houseing market , but the top boys wouldnt except a non paid member  so i choose to mleave ,no ill feeling ,no disgruntled blow the whistle feelings

    just a plain ,"I am a foot soldier and i prfer to be where i fit and can do best , ON THE FROMNT LINE ,,, so to all you people within our H/A froums ,,that tried to blacken my name ,  2THE POSITION IS NOW OPEN " but i hope and pray that you lot from the old boy net work never get picked because it will be the end of good old tenant participation and become a board of egotistic ,selfish ,money and credit grabbing biggots ,,, then we will have a collapse  of tenant involvement and tenant gorvernance

  • Posted in: Transparency

    simon ryan's post | 05/03/2012 9:56 am

    morning ,

    as a tennant i am of the opinion that the more the  h/a and social landlords want to tell us something under the heading of transparency,, the more they have stuff they wouldnt like you to see or know about ,,,,

    its a great word transparency ,, meaning ,clear, see through ,open and honest but as we all know there are 2 sides to everything we hear  or are shown ,, its the bit they are not so traspareent about that i want to know about

     spoken in the words of the great judge judy " no good deed goes unpunished "  like wise if you are told something by a landlord then theres at least 10% more they are not telling about ,

    have a good debate folks ,

  • Posted in: Rent free way of beating greedy HA's

    simon ryan's post | 01/03/2012 9:45 am

    hallo again peter , understand what you are saying m8 , have you tried inside houseings "ask a profesional service" i believe they do run 1 and you may posibly get an answer you can post for everyone ,rgds and best

  • Posted in: Rent free way of beating greedy HA's

    simon ryan's post | 01/03/2012 9:25 am

    fair comment but when you get to an age that should be comfortable to live for the last bit sometimes being ripped of can be a comfort because of what you get to enjoy before you pop ,,, i agree there must be companies out there that just ripp people but theres allways 2 sides and there must be companies that dont ,,,,,,

    i wish i could disagree with you on the £400 rent bit but cant because it all comes down to where and who you rent from , my area 1 bed bungalow £80+ per week but if yer lucky enougth to be working wages average about £135 a week take home , london 1bed bungalow what £150 perweek , but take home pay average £275 ,

    no matter where we live what we do there will allways be differences in araes that control the market ,but remember they can only do this because we a  public allow them to

  • Posted in: Rent free way of beating greedy HA's

    simon ryan's post | 29/02/2012 4:23 pm

    yep peter i agree , ime not far behind in age section and have seen a few of my friends leave us with out a will and its all gone back to the state where as if there had been a company that did it , i know they would of gone down that road just so they didnt have to getto the  pass on stage  worrying about  wheres the money comeing from shall i pay my rent or get food and why the hell did i do my bit for king,queen and country to have to worry about this at my age

  • Posted in: Rent free way of beating greedy HA's

    simon ryan's post | 29/02/2012 3:48 pm

    fairr play peter ,now thats something worth reading and worth checking out ,,,, there must be some company that only does that kind of thing , if not then theres an opening for 1 to start {not me ime a tennant } ime going to watch youre post,

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