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  • Posted in: Building stronger communities

    simon ryan's post | 28/03/2012 9:46 am

    hasnt any one realized you cant BUILD a community , they build there selves and that can only be done by the people within the area themselves , if an H/A tries to build 1 there is allways in the back of the minds of people participateing " oh yes what do they get out of it " , comunitties are built by moralls ,feelings and the understanding of everyone as to where the boundries are put by others ,,, a comunity BUILT, will eventually collapse a comunity grown will if allowed to continue will grow into what we all remember from the past cause thats how they developed back in them days  in my opinion

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 3:10 pm

    yes anon i agree 100% with the staement concerning the betrayal of tenants needs and rights ,and thats not because ive just been betrayed { ime used to that } its because as you believe i also am like wise in my beliefs and unless we keep our rights to be that way we will all end up os being  walked round and treated like ever obediant puppies

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 10:19 am

    well done sunflower ,so you will understand why i resigned my position and returned to the 1 forumla i honestly believe works best , elected tenant forums and hence am now a vice chair on my forum ,,, H/As do claim" its picked tenants that can work  with board above them" but i found it was more of a case that it picks tenants that a higher board can tell or control the decisions made when the tenants board /panel or what ever you want to call it sits

    election with a wide spectrum of tenants involved works best , sod the H/As if you can get tenants that have other tenants at there hearts and not self gratifications or ego you couldnt get better groups 

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:57 am

    ps  in my posts i said you use the same words as our H/A , that wasnt a dig or snipe , the H/A ime a tenant of uses this phrase on all its leaflets and advertizeing . "TENANTS AT OUR HEART " and thats what i meant , but i also know that the only thing at the heart of a campany is the top line of figures it can generate or achieve

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:53 am

    mr anon , no ime not trying to tell you anything , i am only a common tenant and dont believe anyone has the right to tell anyone anything , what ime doing and my opinion only is I AGREE WITH YOU THAT ELECTION OF PANEL MEMBERS IS FAR BETTER THAN PLACED POSITIONS , but i say if it works in the area that people are chosen then good for that area but like you i beleive not everything works everywhere , there was no personal dig to anyone intended just honest opinion that i have

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 9:48 am

    "why are you trying to con tenants into believing that the interests of the landlords are the same as the tenants when it comes to a dispute"

    if  you sit on a tenants panel then both partrties interests have to be considerd equal untill a decision is made or should we have panels that will only vote in favour of a tenant or only in favour of a H/A ,,, ive just sat on a panel where the head of an H/A didnt even know the H/B or DWP laws ,,,,so even though i voted in the tenants favour the H/A could of put the tenant in trouble with DWP , AND H/B departments due to compensations  just because they didnt know the DWP or H/B laws , so thank god as a tenant i was there to guide them.. i wouldnt ever vote in favour of an H/A unless i was  100% sure they were right in there decisions like wise tenants ,,,,, you cant put a panel down wether elected or chosen if it works on the basis of ,honesty, truth and balance of fairness 

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 8:48 am

    perfect sentence for this is " an item  is only as good as the parts that make it whole " my beliefe is ,,no matter if a panel is elected or chosen as long as its doing the duties  it was given at its conception , it has to be good and there are enougth foot soldiers out there to stop ,collaspe or alter the status quo if its not performing to its best for company or tenants and untill the system has been tried and looked at no one will know which way its best to go for sure  

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    simon ryan's post | 22/03/2012 8:01 am

    morning anon , you use the same words as our H/A used , i am an elected vice chair of a tenant forum , our customer board was not elected but interviewed for 2 days and then given positions , i resigned for my own moral  reasons , but what the election process did show me was ,,, all the people from the forums and federation who did not get chosen ,turned nasty on those who did and slaged the selection process down to hell , but i know that if they had been chosen they would of praised it to the  hevens , so that shows me that even though i believe in the same as you elected reps ,it showed me that not all those who participate and get involved are there for tenants or to represent them they are there for there own ego and gratification , so even though i do agree with you ,can you say how the old boy network and self serving ego heads that get elected by manipulateing there friends at the voteing venue can be sifted out and real tenants with other tenants at there heart s placed where they should be

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    simon ryan's post | 21/03/2012 5:33 pm

    my opinion personally is ,  its a sop,having been on tennants forums and participation for 10 yrs,,, also recently a customer board member and a panel member dealing with complaints ect, i have found there is no better way of  dealing with any scrutiny , complaints or governance issues with out an elected member that is a tenant and  ellceted by tenants not the H/A ,,, ive tried all 3 and sorry to say {because i believe the concept of customer board and panels is excellent but its how these tennants  get in that position that seems to mess it up } teannant forums made up of tennants ellected by tennants and backed by the federation  is the best way 100% for me ,

  • Posted in: how manny of you are real

    simon ryan's post | 15/03/2012 3:22 pm

    1=1 i am and if yer ever in the west lets go fishing for a day

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