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Barwell lifts block on Birmingham's 15-year housing strategy

25/11/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

Housing minister Gavin Barwell has lifted a controversial block on Birmingham’s 15-year strategy for the building of tens of thousands of new homes.


Bromford rethinks development strategy

29/09/2016 | By Pete Apps

A Midlands housing association is significantly scaling up its land-led development for the first time, as it posts results showing a record surplus of £49m.


Councils set up land commission

08/09/2016 | By Heather Spurr

Councils in the West Midlands have set up a land commission to help improve the supply of land for new housing.


West Midlands associations mull joint development

31/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

A group of housing associations in the West Midlands is exploring the potential for joint development, following the launch of a new partnership.


West Midlands associations team up

22/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

West Midlands housing associations have formed a ‘partnership’ which will seek to engage with the combined authority following devolution.


Inspector's decision flags planning system concerns

28/04/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

A planning inspector’s decision to sign off a development plan despite a 38,000-home shortfall has raised concerns about localised planning and could pave the way for more green belt development.


Council scraps ALMO to save £500k

18/04/2016 | By Carl Brown

A Midlands council is set to take the management of its housing stock in-house to save at least £500,000 a year.

Decentralisation minister

Clark overturns 605-home planning decision

17/02/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Greg Clark has overturned a decision by North West Leicestershire District Council to reject a 605-home development.


Birmingham Council to spend £60m on improving stock

11/02/2016 | By Pete Apps

Birmingham Council plans to carry out a £60m programme of improvement works to its homes, despite the financial pressure exerted by the rent cut.


Birmingham Council launches partnership with associations

25/01/2016 | By Pete Apps

Housing associations have signed a joint deal with Birmingham Council to work together to address the housing challenges faced by the city.