Social Housing news in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland associations warn on build target due to government impasse

19/05/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

The target to build 2,000 social homes in Northern Ireland this year is in jeopardy due to the region’s ongoing political stalemate, sector leaders have warned.


NI tenancy frauds offered amnesty

02/05/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Tenancy frauds in Northern Ireland are being offered a one-off chance to hand in their keys and escape legal action.


NI housing unfitness levels at record low

07/04/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Unfitness in Northern Ireland’s housing stock is at its lowest ever recorded level, according to data from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).


Northern Ireland Supporting People budget cut amid Stormont crisis

06/04/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Northern Ireland’s Supporting People budget has been cut as the region continues to operate without an agreed government.

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NI housing association stock up 40% in five years

31/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Housing associations in Northern Ireland have increased their occupied stock by almost 40% in five years, new figures show.


NI sector set to start new financial year with no budget made

28/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Northern Ireland’s housing sector was hit by further uncertainty yesterday as the region’s political parties missed the deadline to form a government.

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New NIFHA boss calls for Stormont deal as second election looms

23/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

The new chief executive of the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA) has said there is an urgent need for the country to form a government to give certainty over bedroom tax payments and the reclassfication of housing associations.


Northern Irish tenants could be hit with surprise bedroom tax

14/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Up to 1,500 social housing tenants could be hit by the bedroom tax if they move home, data released by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has revealed.


Sector reacts to Northern Ireland election

07/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Key housing figures in Northern Ireland have warned of further uncertainty for the sector after last week’s election result.

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Northern Ireland associations upping development amid uncertainty

24/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Issuing the Housing White Paper earlier this month, the government sent out a clear message: to help fight off the housing crisis, it wants to push associations in England to build, build, build.


Parties repeat building pledges as Assembly election looms

21/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Northern Ireland’s political parties have repeated their 2016 promises on social and affordable housebuilding ahead of next week’s Assembly election.


Northern Irish sector warns of uncertainty due to political turmoil

30/01/2017 | By Simon Brandon , Tim Clark

The housing sector in Northern Ireland has warned of uncertainty in the coming months as the Stormont crisis pushes the country to fresh elections.


Stormont votes for bedroom tax mitigation payments

16/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Northern Irish politicians have voted for regulations that will mitigate the effect of the upcoming bedroom tax despite the political turmoil taking place in the country.


NI housing associations call for bedroom tax certainty

13/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Housing associations in Northern Ireland have called on the government to honour its pledge to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax, despite the political turmoil in the country.

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NI Government proposes sweeping private rented sector changes

10/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Northern Irish Government is proposing to make sweeping changes to the private rented sector in a consultation published today.


NI government to scrap housing association Right to Buy

09/12/2016 | By Simon Brandon , Pete Apps

The Northern Irish Government plans to scrap Right to Buy for housing associations as part of a package of measures to take associations off the national balance sheet.

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NIFHA chief executive to leave

02/12/2016 | By Mark Smulian

The chief executive of Northern Ireland’s housing association representative body is set to leave to take over at the helm of a specialist older people’s landlord.

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Homelessness on the rise in Northern Ireland

10/11/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

Homelessness in Northern Ireland has risen by 6% over the past three years, according to Crisis UK’s latest Homelessness Monitor.


'Intimidation points' under review in Northern Ireland

07/11/2016 | By Chloë Stothart

The system for rehousing victims of intimidation in Northern Ireland is being reviewed as part of an overhaul of the housing allocations system after allegations that it is unfair.


NIFHA: 2,000 homes ambition would be threatened by reclassification


An ambition to increase housebuilding to 2,000 social homes annually in Northern Ireland would be threatened by this week’s expected reclassification of housing associations unless ministers act swiftly, landlords have warned.

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Date set for ONS Home Nations decision

20/09/2016 | By Pete Apps

The classification decision on housing associations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be announced on 29 September.


Lending faces 'challenges' following deregulation

16/09/2016 | By Heather Spurr

The Scottish Housing Regulator has pledged to work with the government and lenders to head off any negative impact because of deregulation.

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'Councils must release land' NI finance minister says

05/09/2016 | By Heather Spurr

Northern Ireland’s finance minister has called on councils to “step up” and release more land for development.

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ONS decision due within weeks

22/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will announce its decision on the classification of housing associations in the remaining Home Nations in the coming weeks.

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Northern Ireland beats social housing target

10/08/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The number of new social homes started in Northern Ireland last year has exceeded the government’s 1,500 homes target, but it is still down on the previous year.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive building on Adelaide Street in Belfast

CIH: Poll shows support for NIHE development

26/07/2016 | By Heather Spurr

The Chartered Institute of Housing has called on Stormont to support the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, saying new research shows housing professionals want to see the landlord return to house building.

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CIH calls for NI housebuilding target

25/07/2016 | By Heather Spurr

The Northern Ireland Executive should include housebuilding targets in its plans for the next five years of government.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive building on Adelaide Street in Belfast

NIHE repairs contracts announced

08/07/2016 | By Pete Apps

The Northern Irish Housing Executive (NIHE) has named four contractors to carry out up to £1bn of repairs across its 87,000 homes over the next 10 years.

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NI landlords calls for broader housing measures

01/06/2016 | By Heather Spurr

Housing associations are calling on the Northern Ireland Executive to broaden its measure for gauging new housing supply.