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Scottish parliament

Universal Credit to be paid more regularly in Scotland

13/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government plans to use its new social security powers for the first time to make Universal Credit payments more regular, it has announced today.


Scottish Government calls for simplified planning system

11/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government wants to simplify the planning system to encourage greater input from citizens.


Scottish Government announces £1.65m funding for housing support

09/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government has announced the recipients of £1.65m of funding for homeless services and housing providers working with vulnerable people.

Scottish parliament

Scottish Government announces rental income guarantee scheme

15/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government will develop a rental income guarantee scheme to kick-start delivery of private rented sector homes “at scale”, it has revealed in its draft budget for 2017/18.

house building

Social housing increases, but private sector stalls in Scotland

14/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Social housing starts and completions increased while private sector building fell in Scotland, according to the latest figures from the Scottish Government.


Scottish Government proposes planning fees hike

06/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government has proposed increasing planning fees more than fourfold for some major applications, as part of a consultation published today.

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FOI extension will lead to cost burden, Scottish landlords warn

02/12/2016 | By Mark Smulian

The Scottish Government’s U-turn on the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act extension to housing associations will burden associations with additional costs, the sector has warned.

freedom of information

Scottish Government proposes FOI for social landlords

01/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation into making housing associations in Scotland subject to Freedom of Information requests.


Scottish landlords 'lack capacity to meet target'

01/12/2016 | By Mark Smulian

Scotland’s social landlords doubt they have the capacity to deliver the Scottish Government’s target of 50,000 new affordable homes over five years.

HCA regulator social housing

Scottish regulator ends intervention at housing association

01/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Housing Regulator has ended its intervention at Wellhouse Housing Association after nearly two years.


Scottish tenants and associations say charter has improved landlord services

17/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A majority of tenants and housing associations to respond to a consultation believe the quality of social landlord services has improved since the Scottish Government introduced a social housing charter.

Repairs maintenance contractor

'Community-controlled associations outperform larger counterparts'

16/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Landlord services provided by community-controlled housing associations outperform those of other social landlords in Scotland, a report has suggested.

Aberdeen council

Aberdeen Council issues £370m bond

03/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Aberdeen City Council has issued a £370m bond to fund its capital and infrastructure programme.


SFHA calls for more ambitious welfare policy

02/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government is not ambitious enough in its social security plans and should use its powers to create a new benefit to mitigate against welfare reforms.

Sanctuary Group secures European Investment Bank funding

Scottish investment vehicle shelved 'due to lack of interest'

31/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Plans for an innovative investment vehicle for housing associations in Scotland have been shelved because of a lack of interest from the sector.

potential merger

Scottish landlords enter merger talks

31/10/2016 | By Carl Brown

Two Scottish housing associations have entered merger talks.

Aberdeen council

Aberdeen City Council eyes bond issue

26/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Aberdeen City Council is looking to become the first Scottish local authority to issue a bond as it seeks funds for its £1bn capital programme.

Gallowgate tower blocks GHA

Glasgow Council consults on major housing plans

25/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Glasgow City Council has launched a consultation into its plans to deliver 12,500 new homes over the next five years.

new town and fife from edinburgh castle

Development plan will not meet assessed housing need

19/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A regional plan for Edinburgh and South East Scotland will deliver significantly fewer affordable homes than assessed demand requires, partly because of funding constraints.

Sanctuary Group secures European Investment Bank funding

Nationwide to axe Scottish lending team

19/10/2016 | By Heather Spurr

The second-largest lender to the Scottish social housing sector will scrap its dedicated team north of the border and merge its functions with its operation based in England.


Scottish housing minister criticises 'rigid' planning decisions

13/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish housing minister has said there is sometimes a “rigidity” and a lack of “common sense” in planning decisions, ahead of a White Paper on proposed changes to the system.

Aberdeen council

Aberdeen City Council in credit rating first

10/10/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Aberdeen City Council has become the first local authority in Scotland to be assigned a credit rating as it seeks funding to build 3,000 homes over 15 years.


Scottish PRS triples in size

27/09/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The private rented sector in Scotland has almost tripled in size as a proportion of total stock over the past 16 years, the latest Scottish Household Survey has revealed.

Mary Taylor

SFHA chief announces retirement

22/09/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The chief executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has announced she will leave the organisation next year.

Stock ilo

Date set for ONS Home Nations decision

20/09/2016 | By Pete Apps

The classification decision on housing associations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be announced on 29 September.


Lending faces 'challenges' following deregulation

16/09/2016 | By Heather Spurr

The Scottish Housing Regulator has pledged to work with the government and lenders to head off any negative impact because of deregulation.

Scottish parliament

Scottish Government 'must state supported housing position'

15/09/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government must make its position clear on the future of supported housing funding, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has said.


Number of homes built in Scotland drops by 2%

13/09/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

There has been a 2% decrease in the number of new homes built in Scotland, according to the latest figures from the Scottish Government.

Nicola Sturgeon manifesto launch 2015

Sturgeon announces association deregulation bill

06/09/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government has announced measures to weaken the power of the regulator if housing associations are re-classified as public sector bodies.


Sanctuary combines Scottish subsidiaries

01/09/2016 | By Carl Brown

Sanctuary has completed the amalgamation of its three Scottish subsidiaries to create a single 6,500-home landlord.


Scottish associations scale back rent increases


Scottish social landlords have cut back on planned rent increases, with average rises down by nearly a half in the past two years, a report has found.

CE, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

SFHA chief outlines barriers to development

24/08/2016 | By Carl Brown

Concerns about land availibility, access to funding, the planning system and workforce skills could stand in the way of delivering the Scottish government’s 50,000-home affordable homes target, associations will warn today.

Aberdeen council

1,700-home scheme approved for the second time

23/08/2016 | By Carl Brown

Councillors in Aberdeen have re-approved plans for a 1,700-home scheme following a legal challenge.

accounts results statements financial

ONS decision due within weeks

22/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will announce its decision on the classification of housing associations in the remaining Home Nations in the coming weeks.

CASH 394px

Charitable bond programme raises £2.5m

19/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

A charitable bonds programme has raised £2.5m to build 50 affordable homes in Scotland.


Scottish housing bodies call for slice of £100m

11/08/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Housing bodies have urged the Scottish government to use part of a £100m infrastructure fund to boost housebuilding.

Man in hooded jacket

Scottish landlord criticised for lack of ASB policy

29/07/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A housing association has been criticised by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) for failing to have an anti-social behaviour (ASB) policy in place for its supported housing.

man with keys leaseholders

Rush in applications as Scottish RTB nears end

28/07/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Right to Buy in Scotland will come to an end this week, amid a rush of applications to beat the deadline.  

Building pic

Scottish Government to pilot upfront permission

12/07/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government will introduce a pilot scheme to grant planning permission for housing upfront in designated zones, amid a large-scale overhaul of the planning system.


SHR warns deregulation could hit lender confidence

20/06/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has warned the government that cutting back its powers to avoid reclassification of associations as public bodies could affect lender confidence.