Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Housing benefit cuts will damage communities

The government’s proposals threaten misery, division and social cleansing on a massive scale with thousands forced into poverty or out of their homes to other parts of London. In the capital alone up to a quarter of a million private tenants receive housing benefit, and many of the half a million social tenants in London claiming housing benefit will be hit by the cuts.

We must stand together to prevent deepening divisions between the rich and poor. Government policy should encourage the development of mixed communities, not create the ghettos which scar many other cities around the world.

Last week I announced that Karen Buck MP will act as my adviser on the development of housing policy in London. Karen is one of the leading experts in Westminster on housing and benefits policy and will work with me to deliver a fairer housing policy and campaign against the cuts to housing benefit.

I am delighted Inside Housing has launched a campaign against plans to change housing benefit. I am confident that together we can defeat these proposals and avert the huge social damage they would cause.

Ken Livingstone is campaigning to become Labour candidate for the mayor of London

Visit our What’s the Benefit? page for more information or sign our petition to support the campaign

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  • Welcome back Ken. This is the campaigner and leader we need for London.

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  • Livingstone is the only one to take a real overview of housing in London and to see that the boroughs and RSLs and private developers all had to pull in the same direction to make real progress.

    Johnson has the cheek to claim credit for new homes that were approved and financed under Livingstone, but is now cutting back like mad and letting the NIMBY boroughs do virtually nothing on affordable housing. It's a tragic waste and the sooner we have Livingstone back the better.

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  • What was it that Herbert Morrison, Leader of the old London County Council in the '30's said? "We will build the Tories out of London". Yes, that was it.

    Clearly the Newt wants as many Labour voting tenants on benefits in London as possible as, let's face it, turkeys don't vote for Xmas. It is therefore about as surprising that the Newt would take this view as learning that the Pope is Catholic or that bears do their business in the woods. Hardly worth the column inches one would have thought...

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  • thanks ken for looking out for us tenants who will sufer under this evil coalition
    please do all you can i have sighned the petition and will join any protests
    This is Tory ideoligy using the Deficit as a smoke screen the big society they shove it

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  • Melvin Bone


    How would you you cut 25% from the HB budget that your party racked up?

    Looking forward to your reply.


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  • I,m 62, worked all my life, had my own business employing 300 + staff, paid a fortune in taxes, n.i. corporation tax etc. etc. Why should my contributions be used to fund these idle good for nothings ? Can,t find a job ? This government is being forced to act now and about time... trouble is they can,t cut whats really necessary because they need votes... it,s a vicious circle where we hard working people are left to pick up the bill for societies vultures.
    My answer, give them food stamps and build shelters with minimum luxuries... that,s all. When they find that lif,es not so good they will soon become
    " employable ."
    Why do you think that there are so many Poles in this country... easy... they WANT work... they are courteous, diligent, will work as much overtime as possible... and generally are more skilled than the average out of work brit.
    Every day i see benefit cheats who work the system claiming housing , motobility etc etc. At the same time they are working in the black market selling imported cigarettes, drugs, cheap booze, or doing manual ( cash ) work which of course is undeclared.
    Personally, i,m sick of this country and of the politicians who know that this is all going on.If a REAL, truthful, poll were ever taken from the genuine tax payers in this country, i am certain that they would share my views.

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  • Chris

    By capping PSL rents Melvin - on behalf of Ken and Boris who agree this point - build more affordable homes (and 80%MR is not affordable)

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  • "Every day i see benefit cheats who work the system claiming housing , motobility etc etc. At the same time they are working in the black market selling imported cigarettes, drugs, cheap booze, or doing manual ( cash ) work which of course is undeclared. "

    Oh so you are from Islington then?

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