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Service Charges 5 out of 5 stars 4 Last Post By Hassel Lee 11/07/2013 8:50 am
Right to Buy 0 n/a
Opportunities for Town Planners in Social Housing 0 n/a
Right To Buy and Mutual Exchanges 1 Last Post Posted Anonymously 24/03/2013 3:05 pm
Area Housing Manager Interviews 7 Last Post By Thomas Potter 13/02/2013 8:35 am
Antisocial neighbour's advice 1 Last Post By raindrop 12/01/2013 5:30 pm
Why no Riots? 15 Last Post By tenantplus 22/10/2012 6:56 pm
22% Rent Increase 12 Last Post By anthony williams 20/10/2012 11:39 am
Council Housing is not subsidised 4 out of 5 stars 73 Last Post By Progressive Solutions Required 21/07/2012 2:46 pm
Model Right to buy letter for landlords to send to tenants 0 n/a

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  • From Housing Troll, 08/04/2014 4:57 pm in The reason for house price increase in London?

  • From Brian Booth, 29/03/2014 10:18 pm in The Reasons for Direct Independent Control in Social Housing Decision Making

    This is the second section to the post above beause the first exceeded the word count.

  • From N S, 01/11/2013 4:52 pm in Thread bare threads please

    You could just stop reading the post if it bores/offends you...

  • posted Anonymously, 05/10/2013 11:10 pm in Tenancy agreements

    Hello ... could anyone give advice please.     i am a social ousing tenant ..  i live in in a similar area ...   quite isolated...  new build property   two social housing properties on a owner occupied estate ....   since i moved in i have been the subject unfounded asb complaints ....  over two years my family have sufferred from o/o making remarks to my children  council scum etc and making unfounded or exaggerated complaints that initially had no basis ...  the first being they didnt like the way i drove up the street?   and then about ...

  • From Mr Webb, 02/10/2013 4:36 pm in Does the 'Hastoe Experience' spell the end for Shapps 'Great Idea'?

    I think this one went the same way as putting the homeless onto houseboats - sunk without a trace, but failed to take the originator with it - sadly!

  • From Hassel Lee, 30/08/2013 1:54 pm in Suggestion required for moving home

    I am waiting for suggestions. Is there anyone who can help me out.

  • posted Anonymously, 14/08/2013 3:43 pm in 109 year continuous private tenancy - any RTB rights ?

    If you are interested in buying the property, why not make an offer to the current owner.  From what you say the property needs urgent repair to make it habitable, and there may be a potential claim against the current owners (IANAL) from your mother for the disrepair.  It may well be that they'd be gald to get the place off their hands.

  • From Hassel Lee, 11/07/2013 8:50 am in Service Charges

    Every housing association is not involve in this problem. Accounts usually handle by highly educated chartered accountatnts but the main problem is that they do not audit in a right way. As we know there is a lot money involve in housing business so this is the main reason for bad accountability. The other thing about the companies who charge high amount then it varies from organization to organization.

  • posted Anonymously, 24/03/2013 3:05 pm in Right To Buy and Mutual Exchanges

    If you are a council tenant and you exchange with another council tenant (doesn't necessarily need to be the same council) you will normally keep the right to buy. If you're council and looking to exchange with a housing association property it may not be the case so be careful. 

  • From Thomas Potter, 13/02/2013 8:35 am in Area Housing Manager Interviews

    No Worries PD, we all have them days