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  • Comment on: Pathfinder court battle looks likely

    Paul Bayman's comment | 12/03/2012 11:15 am

    Speaking as just one householder who actually likves in an HMR street amongst tinned up, empty properties, I don't agree that Wil should "butt out", far from it, I say good luck to SAVE in their application. Fat chance I have of ever living in one of the new properties that Mary suggests might one day be built here. They've never been meant for the likes of me anyway. And there's nothing much wrong with my existing home that couldn't have been addressed by renovation either.

  • Comment on: Pathfinders in plea to government

    Paul Bayman's comment | 02/09/2010 9:30 am

    My home is in a block of edwardian properties in a Pathfinder area that have had the threat of demolition hanging over them for 5 years. You can imagine the state they are in now, much worse than when they were first designated as "surplus to requriements". If only a renovation option could have been delivered for these solid and adaptable homes, they would have become a demonstation project of how to meet the needs of a wide range of modern householders, using limited investment. But none of this was really in the minds of those responsible for decision-making 5 years ago - demolition defintiely wasn't always the last option as far as they were concerned.

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