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Wales gets £7.8m to prevent homelessness

11/01/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

The Welsh Government has announced £7.8m for its Homelessness Prevention Programme for 2017/18.


Scottish Government announces £1.65m funding for housing support

09/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government has announced the recipients of £1.65m of funding for homeless services and housing providers working with vulnerable people.


My first year with Crisis at Christmas

05/01/2017 | By Lucy Brown

Inside Housing sub-editor Lucy Brown shares her thoughts on her first year as a volunteer with Crisis at Christmas

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The mystery of the missing data Video

04/01/2017 | By Patricia Arthurs

There are puzzling inconsistencies in the way English councils record cases of homelessness prevention and homelessness relief. Patricia Arthurs investigates

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Homelessness on film Video

03/01/2017 | By Kate Youde

From I, Daniel Blake to A Street Cat Named Bob, films about housing and homelessness are entering the mainstream. But have they made a difference to people working on the frontline? Kate Youde finds out


Counting the cost

22/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Homelessness prevention duties are closer than ever to making it onto the statute books. Sophie Barnes asks what this might mean for English councils

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Government announces £50m homelessness fund recipients

21/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The government has revealed which councils will receive part of its £50m fund to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.


New homelessness duties could cost London councils millions

21/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

New duties introduced through proposed homelessness laws will cost town halls millions, councils in London have calculated.


£50m for London's homeless

20/12/2016 | By Caroline Thorpe

London mayor Sadiq Khan has earmarked £50m to provide move-on accommodation for homeless people and to support women rough sleepers.

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Out of the classroom Video

20/12/2016 | By Joe Dart

Fifty years after Cathy Come Home, Joe Dart finds out what the next generation of housing professionals are being taught about homelessness

Michael Newey

Uniting the sector


A new campaign called A Home for Cathy aims to bring the wider property sector together to try to end homelessness. Michael Newey explains more 

temporary accommodation in London, Hackney council, Croydon council

Households in temporary accommodation at eight-year high

15/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The number of households in temporary accommodation is at an eight-year high, and has soared by more than 50% since 2010, according to the latest government figures.


Wake-up call

15/12/2016 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

Westminster has woken up to the homelessness crisis but pressure on the rest of the housing system means it continues to get worse, says Jules Birch

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The spirit of Cathy


We must summon the spirit of Cathy Come Home to solve poverty once and for all, argues Julia Unwin

Helping homeless migrant

Labour pledges housing association deal to end rough sleeping

14/12/2016 | By Pete Apps

The Labour Party has pledged to end rough sleeping through a voluntary deal with housing associations to reserve 4,000 properties for street-homeless people.

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rough sleeping in London is down

Increase in 'hostile measures' to stop rough sleeping, Crisis finds

12/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Six in ten rough sleepers in England and Wales have seen an increase in “hostile measures” to stop them sleeping in public areas over the past year, research by homelessness charity Crisis has revealed.


Government will intervene if councils fail on homelessness prevention

12/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The government will intervene with councils which are not meeting their homelessness prevention duties if a new law is passed, the minister responsible for homelessness has revealed.

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London Assembly calls on Sadiq to act on homelessness

07/12/2016 | By Mark Smulian

The London Assembly has called on the capital’s mayor Sadiq Khan to act against a “perfect storm” of homelessness.


255,000 homeless in England, says Shelter

01/12/2016 | By Mark Smulian

Some 255,000 people are homeless in England, housing charity Shelter has found.

Michael Chandler

Filming homelessness

29/11/2016 | By Michael Chandler

Thinking of entering our Reel Homes competition? Film director Michael Chandler provides tips on how to capture experience of homelessness on screen


Peer support

25/11/2016 | By Jack Jeffery

A new project aims to show that early intervention is key to addressing the homelessness crisis, says Jack Jeffery


Off the streets

25/11/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

Housing First has all but eradicated rough sleeping in Finland. Nick Johnstone looks at how it is catching on in the UK

Rough sleeping

Government commits extra £10m to rough sleeping fund

24/11/2016 | By Corin Williams

The government is to pump an extra £10m into the Rough Sleeping Fund over two years, doubling the money for “innovative approaches”.


Turning the tide

24/11/2016 | By David Ireland

Housing First is a success story – the UK should learn from it, says David Ireland


Complex issues

22/11/2016 | By Cath McAndry

Rough sleeping is on the increase but there are effective approaches, says Cath McAndry

IH Top 50 columnist

Winning formula

22/11/2016 | By Chan Kataria

The sector needs to invoke the pioneering spirit of housing predecessors to meet today’s challenges, says Chan Kataria

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History repeats

22/11/2016 | By Mike Andrews

Services for homeless people are just as relevant today as they were decades ago, says Mike Andrews


Supporting the homeless


Housing associations have a vital role to play in tackling the root causes of homelessness, says Simon Clark

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One in three councils took children into care due to homelessness

18/11/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

One in three councils took a child into care in 2014/15 where a central reason for the decision was the family’s homelessness, an Inside Housing investigation has revealed.


Reel Homes film competition


Let’s create a Cathy Come Home for the 21st century, says Martin Hilditch

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Top tips for film-makers

18/11/2016 | By Henry Barnes

Competition judge Henry Barnes suggests some pointers for film-makers to consider when working on their Reel Homes entries

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A modern day Cathy Video


In Cathy Come Home, a family’s homelessness leads to their children being taken into care. Half a century later in modern Britain, it is still happening. Martin Hilditch investigates

Editor, Inside Housing

Cathy in the 21st century

18/11/2016 | By Emma Maier

Half a century ago, audiences across the country were shocked and moved by what was later voted the best television drama ever made: Ken Loach’s Cathy Come Home.

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Survey reveals thousands living in caravans and mobile homes


More than 12,000 housing benefit payments are being made to addresses in caravan and mobile home parks, a new Inside Housing investigation has revealed.

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Caravan life


An Inside Housing investigation has found that thousands of people on low incomes are choosing to live in caravans and mobile homes. Martin Hilditch uncovers a hidden world that raises questions about the housing benefit system


Town hall executives reveal housing concerns for vulnerable

16/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Senior council executives have revealed they are concerned about the ability of vulnerable people to access housing in their areas, on the anniversary of Cathy Come Home.


What's changed?

16/11/2016 | By Simon Graham

There’s still a homelessness crisis, five decades after the release of Cathy Come Home, says Simon Graham

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Making a difference Video

16/11/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

Julie Fadden is determined to use her term as president of the Chartered Institute of Housing to end rough sleeping - and she’s prepared to “get on people’s nerves” to do it. Martin Hilditch investigates

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Housing First

15/11/2016 | By Rick Henderson

We must move towards a culture change in the services provided to entrenched homeless people with multiple needs in this country, says Rick Henderson

Ken Loach

Loach: market has failed to deliver since Cathy

15/11/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The market has failed to deliver the homes the country needs in the 50 years since Cathy Come Home first aired, according to the film’s director Ken Loach.

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