Thursday, 08 December 2016

Ministers warned against 'marginalising' market rent

The government is coming under increasing pressure to rebalance its housing policy to avoid “marginalising” the rental market in favour of owner-occupation.

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  • Ministers consider Pay to Stay exemption

    5 October 2016

    The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) will consider exempting council tenants from Pay to Stay in areas where social rents and market rents are similar.

  • Barwell hints at funding for sub-market rent

    3 October 2016

    Gavin Barwell has given his strongest hint yet that the Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme (SOAHP) will be changed to allow funding for sub-market rented homes.

  • Ministers consider rent to buy shift for Starter Homes

    29 September 2016

    The government is considering changing its Starter Homes policy to include rent to buy homes similar to the London Living Rent product recently announced by the Greater London Authority.

  • ALMO to set up market rent arm

    28 April 2016

    An arm’s-length management organisation (ALMO) will become the first to set up a commercial subsidiary to build homes for market rent.

  • Welsh Government decides against rent cut

    16 December 2015

    The Welsh Government has decided against imposing a George Osborne-style rent cut on social housing providers.

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