Monday, 30 May 2016

Inside Housing - 2016

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  • Inside Housing - 27/05/2016

    Sanctuary to bring all development in-house, Khan in discussions over Starter Homes deal and does merging really lead to efficiency savings?

  • Inside Housing - 20/05/2016

    Starter Homes eat up affordable supply, DWP to change Universal Credit rules and despite being given £2.9bn of borrowing headroom by government in 2012, Inside Housing investigates why councils have not been using this opportunity to build many more homes

  • Inside Housing - 13/05/2016

    Health officials vet cost of poor housing, Khan’s 50% target achievable say landlords and in a merger-mad world, smaller associations argue that bigger isn’t always better

  • Inside Housing - 06/05/2016

    Councils in talks over build freedoms, associations to develop ‘alternative’ merger code and could crowdfunding be a new source of investment for social landlords?

  • Inside Housing - 29/04/2016

    Infrastructure body to examine housing, UK Housing Awards winners announced and how would Brexit impact housing professionals? Inside Housing examines the figures with its guide to the EU referendum

  • Inside Housing - 22/04/2016

    Shared ownership fears in north, defence of Pay to Stay after defeats and Wales is heading for the ballot box on 5 May. What is the housing sector hoping for?

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