Sunday, 24 May 2015

Inside Housing - 2015

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  • Inside Housing - 22/05/2015

    Northern landlords to power housing case, court rules on homelessness and in our 'New government special' Inside Housing looks at six big policy decisions the Conservatives have to make

  • Inside Housing - 15/05/2015

    DCLG blocks release of Right to Buy costing, benefit cut could hit 11,400 tenants and a Welsh housing association is helping solve unemployment by teaching tenants to drive

  • Inside Housing - 08/05/2015

    Increase in viability downgrades to V2, housing climbs list of public's priorities and Inside Housing investigates why young transgender people are at greater risk of homelessness

  • Inside Housing - 01/05/2015

    Housing grabs the election limelight, surge in homeless families pushed out of London and Inside Housing investigates the aims and impact of a new generation of housing protestors

  • Inside Housing - 24/04/2015

    Landlords to take on contracting giants, councils break law on homeless moves and six years after the Lakanal House tragedy, what progress has been made by landlords in the English capital in improving fire safety?

  • Inside Housing - 17/04/2015

    Housing associations decry new Right to Buy, tenants provided with glue for self-repairs and a project in Wales could pave the way for housing to save the NHS millions.

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