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  • Comment on: £1.8m to tackle 'beds in sheds'

    Ade Balogun's comment | 14/05/2012 11:59 am

    Some of these outbuilding or sheds can be difficult to tackle by law because, if some of these outbuildings or sheds have been in existence and use as living quarters for over four years, then they are immune from planning enforcement.

    Also, some people have family member using it as living quarters because there is no adequate bedroom or bed space within the main building.

    So, how is the government going to tackle this without turning it into anti immigrant tasks force?

    Are the local authority now create jobs for the unemployed graduate planners to help tackle the problem and pinpoint such buildings, since Las reason for not been able to tackle it in the past was because there is no financial means to provide work force for it, instead relied on local residents to report it.

  • Comment on: Housing association to lead £196m estate overhaul

    Ade Balogun's comment | 14/05/2012 11:23 am

    Nora: I can assure you that Catalyst Housing Limited is a different kind of breed compare to the other Housing Group (RSL) you may have experienced. The always delivers what they proposed and the local people will benefit. They have created a greater employment to both their residents and local people within their operating domain. I started my career in housing with them as a volunteer and consequently moved on to paid employment and I was there for almost two and half years. Catalyst Housing is a place anybody wanting to develop a career in housing should look, once you are in, you will never feel like an outsider, the place and the whole organisation is like one big extended family. I had a great time working within the organisation from housing management team, homeownership team to development and regeneration team. It was a fantastic experience and the managers and directors have an open door policy that you can approach them, even the top man the CEO (Mr. Cahill).
    Now, I'm about to complete my master degree study of MA Planning & Sustainable Development and doing my work placement for my APC to become member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) with a Local Planning Authority in London. I hope one day to return to Catalyst on a management level to give back to a great organisation that has given me a lot and set a platform for me to develop a career. I will suggest to you to follow Catalyst Housing Limited and keep track of all their development and regeneration projects. Please Do!

  • Comment on: Government to set up 'beds in sheds' task force

    Ade Balogun's comment | 30/04/2012 10:00 am

    This will be great! But I doubt the Local Authority can tackle this with the current cuts. You need to have Planning Officers out visiting the areas 7days a week, therefore the LA need to employ more officers to do the street beat. This can create more employment for planning graduates.

  • Comment on: Ombudsman sees 43% rise in complaints

    Ade Balogun's comment | 16/07/2010 10:58 am

    The Housing Ombudsman is a waste of public money. Ombudsman does not apply the rule of law in many of their findings, especially where the council (LA) have failed in it duty. I recently made a complaint to the ombudsman, which resulted in recommending the Council compensate me for the grievance caused, however, the most crucial point of the company was about the council's policy. In it conclusion, the ombudsman stated it is not in a position to review the council's policy, but I can appeal that decision. I couldn't stop laughing think the Ombudsman really think I have time to waste submitting a further complaint to it office, when it clearly indicated in it conclusion that it cannot look into council's policy. What exactly is the ombudsman's role in dealing with complaints.

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