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  • Comment on: Fall in under-35s owning homes

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 24/07/2014 5:10 pm

    Wage levels and job availability are major factors determining if young adults can access housing in any tenure.

    Govts of any persuasion can mandate certain minimum wages - be it an increase in NMW per se - or a mandatory Living Wage - but they cannot magic up jobs.

  • Comment on: UK housing economy 'structurally flawed'

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 21/07/2014 2:15 pm

    Yet today we have circa 88% survival to age 60 - with circa 18 years of further survival expected on average for that cohort.

    Contrast that with 37% survival to age 60 and 4.5 years thereafter in 1948.

  • Comment on: Benefit claimants may be 'forced' to undergo mental health treatment

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 17/07/2014 11:29 am

    Even OAPs in receipt of welfare are obliged to advise DWP if admitted long term to hospital.

  • Comment on: Labour brands Lib Dem U-turn on bedroom tax 'unbelievable hypocrisy'

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 17/07/2014 11:25 am

    They do have the power to determine which party gets to be in the next inevitable Coalition...

  • Comment on: Social landlord drops private rental plan

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 17/07/2014 10:20 am

    PartBuy schemes give you a number of things

    1 - Potentially volatile servicing cost for mortgaged portion

    2 - Guaranteed annual rent increase

    3 - Guaranteed annual Service Charge increase

    Tenure security is contingent on maintaining the servicing of the above 3 components - plus of course any repairs/maintenance of the property.

    Of course any private buyer with a mortgage is also at risk of repo if unable to service mortgage to expiry - and in that context it is noteworthy that SMI (for eligible claimants) pays nil for first 3 months - and is payable for max 24 months.

    The private buyer at least has open market sale and a possibility to downsize if needed - but PartBuy can only be sold to a small market comprising eligible social tenants on lowish incomes - who also need to satisfy the increasingingly onerous criteria for the mortgage (MMR).

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