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  • Comment on: Sign of four

    Realist,Surrey's comment | 13/03/2015 10:07 am

    According to Shelter stats - average household income in PRS is around £18k - about half the average of FTBs who on average also have a 25% deposit and borrow a tad over 3 times gross income.

    How many PRS tenants would be able to buy if their landlord "went bust" and the property repossessed?

    In real terms across most of the UK property prices in real terms remain well below the 2007/08 peak. Certain London locations are the only real exception - driven by London jobs market.

    Indeed the HBOS 2010 report showed that over the previous half century real growth in prices was only around 2.8% cagr

  • Comment on: Bill to boost custom-built homes approved

    Realist,Surrey's comment | 12/03/2015 5:58 pm

    If this initiative is aimed at low income groups - it seems there are quite a few hurdles to overcome even if a land plot is perhaps "donated" by a developer to partially satisfy S.106.

    Self build mortgages have been around for decades - but the need to fund repayments for the duration of the build process - as well as paying rent elsewhere will be challenging - especially post MMR.

  • Comment on: Global investors lined up for housing fund

    Realist,Surrey's comment | 12/03/2015 2:21 pm

    Market rent is limited by what the market will pay - hence why some inner London properties let for less than 3% of the capital value.

  • Comment on: The London strangler

    Realist,Surrey's comment | 12/03/2015 10:27 am

    One wonders if Singapore though has 30% of its population living in subsidised accommodation - as London does?

    High rise apartments tend not to be in favour in the UK though that would need to change if London is to continue growing it's population.

  • Comment on: The London strangler

    Realist,Surrey's comment | 10/03/2015 7:01 pm

    We also need to decide whether we are ever going to try to revert to the pre 1977 general needs allocation of social homes - which would need several million such homes to be built in a short time frame - mostly in SE.

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