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  • Comment on: Speaking to be heard

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 22/08/2014 9:40 am

    A holistically integrated approach is clearly the ideal - but in a climate where a silo mentality reigns supreme - via individual targets - is unlikely to happen.

  • Comment on: More than 20,000 homes sold under revised Right to Buy

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 22/08/2014 9:36 am

    Shared ownership means 2 bills guaranteed to increase annually (rent & service charge) - plus a potentially volatile mortgage payment.

    How long that might remain affordable is anyone's guess when real wages continue to fall.

  • Comment on: Anchor to slash jobs and review services

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 22/08/2014 9:32 am

    Care homes typically need 2 staff per client - so without knowing the split between basic housing staff it is difficult to see how top heavy this HA is - though certainly paying chief exec well over a grand a day seems unnecessary in current economy with millions unemployed!

  • Comment on: Working families carrying weight of housing costs, report says

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 18/08/2014 4:25 pm

    Report suggests many have recently moved to London - which is their own voluntary choice - and if not properly thought through via prior research - maybe they should have remained in other possibly cheaper areas.

    Those whose education/skills only allow access to low paid work - are clearly best advised to seek that low paid work in locations where accommodation is also cheap.

    That has been the case for decades - rather than part of some dastardly plan for London to emulate Paris.

    Only 1 family in 6 averaged across the UK is in SRS where there is least choice of location - so other 5 families in 6 in private sector can choose where to love and work - and hopefully not make a silly choice of accepting a job offer in a location where they can not afford rent on one hand - or rent/commute costs on the other hand.

  • Comment on: Working families carrying weight of housing costs, report says

    Realist, Surrey's comment | 18/08/2014 3:20 pm

    It is as cheap to rent in southerly edge of Greater London - as on south coast In Brighton.

    Inner London property prices can easily be double/treble or more prices on periphery of Greater London - so there are savings to be made in rent/mortgage - especially where only 1 partner works in central London - as I already flagged.

    Annual Season Ticket from edge of Greater London is circa £2500 (including tube) - about half the cost from Brighton.

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