Board members and regulation

Information on regulation, staff moves, pay, training and a host of other issues that affect the careers of social housing professionals.

Court of appeal

Council faces High Court challenge over crisis payment conditions


The High Court has given the go-ahead to a legal challenge that could prevent councils forcing people to join a work programme or move home as conditions of receiving housing crisis payment awards.

Woman reading letter

Benefit overpayments linked to increase of in-work claimants


An increase in the overpayments of housing benefit could be because of an increase in the number of claimants in work, according to the spending watchdog.

Gavel and old rusty books on white background

Watchdog fines council £1,000 for pregnant woman 'gatekeeping'


A London borough has been ordered to pay £1,000 and apologise to a homeless mother who officers told were ‘wasting their time’.


Landlord to derecognise union amid accusations of bullying


Unison has called on a housing association board to reverse a decision to derecognise the union, saying it has been trying to meet with the landlord to discuss complaints of bullying.

David Cameron from Flickr

Cameron to set out welfare cap plans


David Cameron is today expected to set out the details of his plans to further cut the welfare cap from £26,000 to £23,000.

Northern Ireland Assembly

What's on in the housing sector this week - 20 - 24 Oct


A round up of what’s happening in the housing sector this week - 20 - 24 October

Scottish housing regulator

Two housing associations moved to 'low engagement'


Two Scottish housing associations are now receiving lower engagement with the social housing regulator, according to an official statement.

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Disabled rights


The councillor whose disabled employment question to Lord Freud unleashed a torrent of criticism on the welfare minister writes a blog exclusively for Inside Housing

Minister for welfare reform

Reform fit for our time


Universal credit is being rolled out nationwide - and it is going to change lives, says Lord David Freud

Chair, Pellings

Price fixation can be costly


Social landlords should not repeat past mistakes by valuing cost over quality


Failings exposed


Venture Housing Association was a little known name in the world of social housing up until this week.

Pete Apps

Rejoice or despair?


Progressive housing policies won’t see the sector rushing to vote Lib Dem, says Pete Apps

Paul Anderson

Who benefits?


Government plans to increase barriers for young people to benefits could lead to more becoming homeless, argues Paul Anderson

Heather Spurr

Housing divides


The question of housing seems to be dividing opinion amongst Conservatives at their annual conference, says Heather Spurr


The right priorities


Public engagement and enthusiasm in the housing sector are paramount to progress, says Ann O’Byrne

More opinion

Stock pic

Bedroom tax arrears fears 'haven't materialised'

16/10/2014 | By Keith Cooper

Councils evicted a tiny fraction of tenants hit by the bedroom tax in the first year of the reform, according to research by a coalition of local authority landlords.

More on the bedroom tax

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