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Information on regulation, staff moves, pay, training and a host of other issues that affect the careers of social housing professionals.

Gas safety

Landlords downgraded over gas safety


Three housing associations that missed gas safety checks have been given regulatory downgrades but still comply with the Homes and Communities Agency’s governance standard.

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HCA issues 'cash call' warning to landlords


The Homes and Communities Agency has issued a warning to landlords after a drop in interest rates led to increased calls from investors to put up cash or security as part of ‘swap’ deals.

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Downgraded landlords 'failed to include data'


Several landlords penalised for failing to follow value for money rules failed to include key performance data in their self-assessments despite paying consultants to produce it.

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Liverpool introduces city-wide PRS licensing scheme


Liverpool City Council has introduced a licensing scheme for private landlords.

Gas safety

HCA raps another landlord over gas safety


A Gloucestershire housing association has become the latest English landlord rapped by the regulator for failing to carry out annual gas safety checks.

Moody's warns credit rating

Rating agency welcomes regulatory framework as 'credit positive'


Moody’s has welcomed the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) proposed new regulatory framework, describing it as ‘credit positive’.

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Eight landlords breach value for money rules


Eight housing associations have failed to meet the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) value for money standard.

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Gemma Bell

Ready, set, go


How should English social landlords prepare for the new regulatory framework?, asks Gemma Bell

Chief executive, Housing Quality Network

After eight


What were the reasons for this year’s value for money downgrades?

Editor, Inside Housing

Housing in crisis


Housing may have dropped down the election agenda, but the housing crisis continues to grow

Julian Ashby small

Here's to the future


The new framework for supplying affordable homes is not just about pleasing the regulator, argues Julian Ashby


Body of evidence


Almost one year ago, the English social housing regulator wrote to 160 landlords warning them to improve the way they assessed value for money.

Chair, RLA

Rental rights


Increasing regulation for the private rented sector is not the answer to driving up standards, argues Alan Ward

Executive director, futures, Orbit Group

Back to the future


The housing sector needs to look to evolution not revolution if it wants to succeed in the future, says Boris Worrall

Partner, TLT Solicitors

Easing the load


Social landlords will need to be mindful of the onward march of welfare reforms this year

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