Sunday, 26 October 2014

CLG claims 5,000 social tenants earn six-figure salaries

Around 5,000 people on six-figure salaries live in social housing, government data suggest.


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  • Six-figure payout to ex-Housing & Care 21 chief executive

    28 August 2014

    A chief executive who departed a housing association after assuming responsibility for the loss of £30m in a bungled regeneration project has received a six-figure payout.

  • Andy Ludlow shortlist of six


    Six projects have been shortlisted for the 2014 Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards, which are supported by Inside Housing and funded by the London Housing Foundation, Shelter and London councils.

  • Go figure


    The DWP can take centre stage in this week’s column, which is about the jump last year in both notices seeking possession and evictions.

  • Social housing salaries rise by just 1 per cent


    Just 9 per cent of UK front line housing staff have been awarded pay increases above the rate of inflation over the last year, according to Inside Housing’s annual salary survey.

  • Tenants in rent arrears offered six-month bedroom tax ‘holiday’

    31 October 2013

    A Welsh housing association is offering tenants a six-month ‘holiday’ from the bedroom tax, as arrears soar across the country.

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