Tuesday, 06 December 2016

Leaked email outlines bedroom tax defence for Lib Dems

An email outlining how Liberal Democrat members should defend the bedroom tax in interviews was accidentally leaked to the media this morning. 

The email stresses that members should emphasise the policy is ‘not a tax’. 

It gives five key points for defending the policy, which say it makes better use of social housing; many councils have people on waiting lists; those in private accommodation do not get benefts for spare rooms; that it will contain the housing benefit bill and it will get people looking for work. 

The key statistics for members to remember include the figure of 1 million spare bedrooms, costing the tax payer half a billion a year. 

The email also reminds members to emphasise discretionary housing payments allocated to help people deal with the impact of the policy. 

The conference will vote on a motion opposing the policy at around 6pm today, which was tabled by grassroots members. 

Speaking at a fringe event earlier today, David Orr, chief executive of the National Federation of Housing Associations described the bedroom tax as the ‘economics of the madhouse’.

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