Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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Tenancy for life


Has anyone done any provisional costings for this new Income Police? Are we expected to take on new staff or increase the workload of existing staff? What do we do with tenants who refuse to tell us their income; do we get court orders? Do we have the right to interrogate their tax and NI records? What happens if we discover that they withheld information, do we fine them? Do we claim back-payment? How do we enforce it, do we follow the arrears route? Could this go to eviction? Current arrears departments need to deal with 5%? 10%? of tenant numbers, an Income Enforcement Unit could be dealing with 80, 90, 100% of tenants, a huge staff cost and a huge administrative burden. Or, here's a radical suggestion, take the money that all that would cost and use it to make a useable grant to the social tenant to springboard them into home ownership. Make it conditional on them having been a good tenant for two? years. No muss no fuss, we get the house back they get a bit of their 'sweat equity' back, their new neighbours get a good neighbour and housebuilders get a sale. Job done.

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