Saturday, 29 April 2017

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Tenancy for life


Kass, just to play devil's advocate somewhat, you're horrified that the CIH question some people's financial situation, with a view to "encouraging" them (through a higher rent) to access market housing, or at least no longer receive a subsidy that their income may indicate they don't really need, and yet you think that Ged's idea to get people out of social housing and into home ownership, thus ending the "tenancy for life" is a great idea?? Not wishing to start a seperate argument, but I think ultimately the CIH are being beaten up over this a bit too much. I think most people are in agreement that some REAL incentives to get those considering a form of home ownership should be encouraged, but with the current situaton of massive demand and no sign of a massive amount of new social housing coming over the hill, is the CIH's challege to the status quo such a bad idea? At no pont have I heard the CIH say at any point they would forcibly end someones tenancy, just that they would get them to pay a more realistic rent. Bob Kerslakes recent comments about diffreent levels of rent in an estate echo this to a degree yet that's only got a very small reaction compared to the flak the CIH have received.......

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