Sunday, 30 April 2017

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Tenancy for life


CIH deserve the flak as Harry calls it because of what they are advocating. (a) a means test (b) a means test that only works one way - if income goes up! (c) a wholly impractical one in operation - see many points above about practicalities (d) dont even say where extra money coming from for 'menu of options' - assume councils will fund (e) most importantly they are inferring social housing to be option of last or even no choice No-one is doubting - least of all me - that the current system isnt working. It is a case of its bust so fix it. Yet, unfortunate and unworkable and allegedly clarified proposals such as this nonsense are not the way to address those problems. This is ill-thought through headline-grabbing emotive claptrap that CIH knew would misfocus attention. Because of the clarification letter, CIH has confirmed the inferences it made in the original response. The old saying that its better to let someone think you're incompetent than to open your mouth and confirm it tends to sum this up very accurately.

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