Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Tenancy: where do I stand?


Any ideas on this (if you like hair-splitting kinds of question)?  I am a tenant of an organization that has recently changed from being an ALMO to being a housing association.  I was a secure tenant, having gone past the end of my introductory period. The association is now asking us - the existing 'secure' tenants - to sign new tenancy agreements.  The agreements are 'assured (non-shorthold) (preserved rights)'.  I understand that a housing association can't offer a secure tenancy. My first question is: having not so far signed the new agreement, what is my current tenure?    (Did I automatically become 'assured' when the organization changed?  Or did I automatically become 'assured (preseved rights)'?  Or have I got no tenure at all until I sign?  Or am I still 'secure' until I sign?  Or what?) Secondly, in general, what would I gain/lose by signing?  And what would I gain/lose by not signing?  Or does it not make any difference? Any input would be welcome.  All I have so far is the hype from the organization, saying how great things are now, and how important it is that I sign.  Thanks. 

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