Sunday, 26 October 2014

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The New Blue: Conservative Social Housing Policy


Further to the commendable "The New Blue" research piece at: which states: "A post-Budget YouGov/Daily Telegraph poll put the Conservatives 18 points ahead of Labour. With the prospect of a Tory government looming large, the symbolic importance of a Conservative-controlled capital is not lost on the national party. For anyone keen to know what the next government’s housing policy might be, London has become the Petri dish to examine Conservative power in the 21st century....London is culturing the spores of a radical new Conservative housing politics. Last week Stephen Greenhalgh, the influential leader of Hammersmith & Fulham council, published a blueprint for sweeping deregulation of social housing" That 76 page blueprint, published by Localis and entitled "Principles for social housing reform" is available here: Given that the chance of still having a Labour government this time next year is about the same as getting hit by a meteorite, readers may wish to consider what the next Government is thinking now. The document is well argued and complete with an appendix of all the necessary legislation that will need to be amended or repealed to make it happen. Homework has been done. An excellent history of social housing is also provided (which may be revisionist or not). All in all a potential white paper in the making and it would be surprising if some, if not much, of the content became policy sometime in the next 10 years. Definately essential reading for future social housing policy observers. All informed comments welcome, so please do read it before commenting...! ILAG Islington Leaseholder Action Group

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