Saturday, 25 October 2014

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The New Blue: Conservative Social Housing Policy


I don't think it's a given that the Tories will win the election, with confidence in the main parties at a historic low, following the relevations about expense claims - there could well be a protest vote at the next general election, and fringe parties could benefit, such as the Greens, possibly the BNP, the Welsh and Scottish Nationalists could also benefit - the SNP could well win the upcoming by-election in Glasgow caused by the Speaker's retirement/resignation, there could also be a few celeb anti-corruption candidates, Martin Bell and Esther Ranzen have been mentioned in the media so we could end up with a situation, where the Tories do not gain enough seats to win the election, labour's number of seats will be down too, maybe to a rump of around 200 mps, the Tories not winning enough for an outright majority, Lib Dems probably winning a similar number of seats, or a slight increase, and a larger number of others.

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