Saturday, 29 April 2017

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Rent free way of beating greedy HA's


Thank you Chris...I will die a thorn in the backside of any oppressor of those who cant defend themselves...I hear all that you say my friend, but this bloody minded old soldier has a axe to grind with HA's and my notice of a 8% rent rise is the last straw.Under the Freedom of Information Act I have found out they paid £8k for the roof over my head back in 2002...this they paid for 6200 council homes, regardless of size and number of bedrooms...£55 million with a loan from RBS, but the real price they should have paid to the council and the tax payers of my Shire county was over ONE BILLION POUNDS(market price in 2002)..The vast amount of the population are completely unaware of this appalling daylight robbery committed by both the council and the HA...but I need just one more bit of the jig saw to complete the picture..the price they will ask for my right to buy this bungalow(and yes, I have that right still, I was offered it many years ago)

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