Sunday, 28 May 2017

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Benefit cut for underoccupiers 'will not save money'


If, as it often stated, 'overoccupation' is older persons whose families have flown the coop, then these will see an arrears position accumulate whilst they are waiting for a reduced size property. This was seemingly missed by Karen Bucks analysis and means that we may see the prospect of older persons being evictedd for arrears by their landlord. As usual, the grey vote is politically very important, and this policy aside from its seeming financial madness will create a huge political stink for this government. If we then see these 'older persons' having to use the private sector with the greater likelihood of having to top-up their rent (and inferior repairs and quality of accommodation) then that stink will get even greater. Will, I wonder, we then see homeless departments making intentionally homeless decisions as these older persons have been evicted twice for arrears Oh the joys of making dogmatic policy on the fly!!

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