Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Current welfare system 'completely broken' claims IDS


This isssue has been all over the national news media all day. One interesting issue that came up was from the head of a recruitment agency on BBC. His company provides many of the 'pickers and packers' (the low pay manual jobs) and his pay for his thousands of agency staff average £6.25. These are the type of jobs aimed at by IDS for young (white British) people. The head of recruitment agency also sais two years ago 66% of workers were Eastern European and this has reducedd to 50% today. Most interestingly he said that British workers mostly only sought part-time work becuase if they work over 20 hours per week then they lose a significant level of benfit making working greater than 20 hours not cost-effective. So once we get over the 'racist' elements of this speech from IDS can we ask him how the apparent systemic issue in the benefit system can be changed so that his claim that work always pays can be seen to be reality. Or simply IDS how will Universal Credit solve this problem? Racist themes, blaming immigration are all excuses and need to be set aside so that Universal Credit can always make work pay as if UC cant do this then IDS's 'grand plan' is thoroughly discredited.

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