Thursday, 27 April 2017

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Current welfare system 'completely broken' claims IDS


"William Beveridge, the man widely credited with creating the modern welfare state in the UK, was clear that the welfare system must not be allowed to stifle ‘incentive, opportunity or responsibility’." Beveridge seemed to see where a welfare system would end up, yet thought that by just saying the inevitable shouldn't happen, would somehow make the system work. He was wrong. IDS is also wrong to try and tell businesses who they should hire. Why should a business hire less productive workers just because they are British? Why should businesses go bust so that IDS and politicians like him can claim to have 'created a level playing field'? I suppose a desert is as level a playing field as any, in their books. He and politicians in general should also stop promising kids jobs they cannot deliver. Tell these kids how it is: you need to see education as an opportunity, you need to take responsibility for developing your own rational mind, and the incentive is you will have a life of achievement and potentially profit from it - both at work and in relationships. Stop telling them they can fail, and everyone will fix the system so that failing becomes a reward.

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