Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Current welfare system 'completely broken' claims IDS


Why do the left always, always play the race card, especially when they can't think up better arguments. It's not racist to say that jobs should go to people living in Britiain in priority to those who are immigrants to the country. IDS did say, jobs for whites, he said jobs for the British, you know the people who live here and pay their taxes (or at least try to). What sort of backwards country would look at a job and say, I know we'll hire the guys who's travelled 5000 miles to get here, instead of hiring the guy living on the door step. By paying the polish guy to pack boxes you are taking money out of our economy (most migrants send/take the money they earn back home). If that migrant is planning to settle in this country, then fine, there's no problem with treating them no different to the British Citizen, but when a person is coming here to earn money for his family back home, we're foolish to give him priority over the guy down the road. We don't need people taking money out of the economy, we need people spending it in the economy.

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