Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Rough sleeping figures rocket across England


Sorry but people need to remember that the methodology changed for counting, from counting to estimating in many cases. I have conducted street counts of people in London for many years and I am afraid to say that numbers sleeping out have not gone up by the outlandish figures proffered. For the record I am not supporter of this government or its demoralising attitude to rough sleeping, housing and benefits but the facts are not supporting the sensational claims. Numbers in the capital are going down; though the speed of this trend is now rapidly grinding to a is down though. The fact remains that certain groups of people have been muting this rise for ages, but the counts consistently disproved the naysayers. So to cut across the argument of figures usually provided by skilled outreach workers familiar with rough sleepers and where they sleep Homeless Link and others decided to advocate intelligence led guestimations...the result...massive numbers reported as counted! Perhaps there are people angling for more money, after all funding for homelessness has not been as rigorously ring-fenced of late and with more budget cuts on the horizon don’t the new figures offer the chance to say hands off our cash?

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