Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Rough sleeping figures rocket across England


So you are not concerned by the lack of robustness in the claims? If you ask people who work in day centres how many people they see are rough sleeping they would say virtually all of them, the truth is very different. You ask the public and it is every beggar, you ask a soup run and it is all their patrons The difference between sofa surfers, people insecurely housed and or in squats may well be academic to most people and lumping them all in as rough sleepers may be easy but it does not help. Rough sleepers are just that sleeping out and I am afraid all too often the various strands of homelessness are conflated. This is one such occasion, no one is saying that homelessness is not important but the difference between rough sleeping and other categories is important to note. As for guestimated counts I am afraid nothing replaces going out and counting...guessing comes nowhere near it.

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