Sunday, 28 May 2017

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Rough sleeping figures rocket across England


On the London issue: Councils in London have kept a fairly tight grip on their stats ahead of the official publication of the annual counts by the CLG. Westminster posted a sizeable fall (as mentioned) and I understand Hammersmith and Fulham have also reported a fall - although I found out their stats after we went to press. Other than that it is a wait and see game. It will be interesting to see if the remainder of London's councils post similar falls - if so then worth looking to see if the falls are mainly concentrated in boroughs that were involved in No Second Night Out. As the article makes clear, however, there are councils in a variety of locations, from Brighton to Hull, which have reported increases in rough sleepers to government in their official counts. Even allowing for debates around the effectiveness of counts - and as Brighton Council's spokesperson made clear the actual numbers are likely to be higher than recorded - some of the numbers reported are worrying.

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