Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Rough sleeping figures rocket across England


Perhaps another area for discussion is the fact that almost 50% of those out now in a number of major conurbations are those without recourse to public funds, a situation which was sadly not envisaged when the zero target was set. In fact were it not for these unfortunate people the numbers on the streets, certainly of London would be moving steadfastly towards the zero figure. The situation now is that the benefits system is preventing further numbers leaving the streets for hostels and PRS accommodation. This is an enormous frustration to those of us working with rough sleepers in particular. The offers currently available to this category of rough sleeper is pretty much reconnect home or stay out on the streets, a message which is very hard to sell. That being said a further complication is that many are unsuitable for benefits even if they could get them due to profound substance misuse issues.

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