Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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Rough sleeping figures rocket across England


I would like to add that I spent many years working with rough sleepers in London and also went out on street counts and can tell you that the street count figures by charities that worked closely with Westminster council were wildly inaccurate. I remember reading on the BBC website that St Mungos had only counted 66 people on the streets in Westminster and yet a street count carried out by Housing justice found over three hundred in a short space of time. I remember having someone sleeping on the doorstep of my charity in winter who could not even get into Crisis at Christmas as no charity I worked with would count him as street homeless. This is fact and this is why I left the sector as I was consistently shocked by what some charities would do to keep the local council happy. I know a street outreach team who i called recently who basically told me not to bother getting them out as it would take so long and they had nowhere they would be able to put this person anyway. I dealt with this day in day out and got so angry about what supposed charities were doing that I ended up leaving as I could not find a job with a charity who weren't thoroughly compromised by their need to do whatever their council told them to do. Rough sleeping is going up but it is becoming more and more hidden as the homeless are criminalised whilst the outreach teams I did street counts rarely went to any of the places that rough sleepers requent for health and safety issues amongst other things.

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