Saturday, 29 April 2017

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Pickles wants big lunch to help communities


I fear that in some communities certain people would want to share in the lunch but then choose who else to exclude from it. The fracture in our communities can not be covered over with fish paste, bow put in the shadow by Pickles (or could it). The gap between the haves and the have nots is widenening, and the new dimension is of those who have had, but wish to deny others from sharing. Drawerbridges are coming up all over the place, and the little Englanders are digging in, the NIMBYs thought Pickles had given them a charter, but instead are determined to exercise the law as if they had one, and the demonisers on Pickles' own party, department, and skin have so ruptured division such that matters have been made only worse. The Big Lunch as a concept in this context shows just how lacking in seriousness to want to unite the nation this government is. They want division because they know it is the only way to get their programme of privatisation, wealth concentration, social depravation and internal repatriation through.

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