Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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Fighting his corner


New labour have been awful for tenants and poorer communities in their 13 years as they have allowed housing rents to go up by over 200 % ,as well as collassal price rises in other basic necessities such as food , heating , transport,council tax .The tories are now keeping these high rents but cutting all sorts of benefits to seriously damage many peoples personal stability and financial existence. New labours housing policy was called market renewal pathfinder in which they aimed to demolish housing to push up prices......... at the same time they allowed the financial establishment full free rein to expand the money supply through the bank lending system to create a hugh increase in house prices .This has created so much difficulty for tenants ,and first time buyers,with so many homes now owned by companies and individuals with multiple homes,with so many shortages and longer waiting lists.

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