Friday, 26 May 2017

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Fighting his corner


I lost so much trust in Prescott when he failed to deliver the promised housing as part of a Labour Government. I could almost expect Solely to have let the people down, but for Prescott to have followed suit and then gone public with 'ownership is the tenure of choice', was the final nail in the coffin of what was once the people's party. Now the 'comrade' who sold the unions, the workers, and the tenants down the river is a Lord. What more is there to say, although the partial admission of failure and near apology is appreciated. How much he is now seeing in retrospect, and how much wrong he can see that his failure allowed into government in the shape of Shapps and Co. It is a little late now to recognise the damage done by right to buy, creaming of the best stock, when he could have built and replaced them. What a massive waste of 13-years when the anti-social and anti-labour Tory laws could have been repealed. What a massive waste of all so many worked so hard to achieve to have the people's party out Tory the Tories. Thanks John - I wish I'd left you stranded in that night-club in Gillingham! What is needed is a new party of the people, united in the workplace, to deliver what the forerunners to Prescott started to put in place, but he ditched in favour of being 'popular' and wealthy.

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