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  • Comment on: Shapps: Don't build Legoland boxes

    Steve Reade's comment | 10/03/2011 10:09 am

    Oh dear. If only you could hear yourselves.

    Is it all about building masses of house as cheaply as possible, with no thought about the neighbourhood they are going into?

    We want social housing in our area. What we don't want is little boxes that become the ghetto or slum of the future. We already have one of those in the making courtesy of B...... The residents are doing all they can to overcome what the developer left them.

    Save Warmley and Siston Green Spaces

  • Comment on: Legal bid to reinstate housing targets fails

    Steve Reade's comment | 08/02/2011 9:51 am

    What we all need is an open and HONEST debate where all these number are brought out in the open and their validity confirmed. Our group in the South West would encourage such a brave move.

    At the moment we hear there are thousands of homes needed and then on the other that there are thousands of empty homes!

    Until this debate is held, local people will remain sceptical.

    Steve Reade
    Save Our Green Spaces

  • Comment on: Plea for Plan B

    Steve Reade's comment | 31/01/2011 8:57 am

    Fair point, maybe the users of Nimby should consider it.

    We in this area have already had our fair share of personel loss. A very very high density development of 500+ units was built at Siston Hill. It turned almost immediately into a guetto. The local people and Parish Council are trying to sort out the mess left by the developer, who has now albut walked away. This is a classic example of one of the slums of the future talked about a couple of years ago.
    Regarding need - there is none. The developer tried to off load many of the properties onto a housing association - they were not interested because of the poor quality of the construction and design.

  • Comment on: Plea for Plan B

    Steve Reade's comment | 28/01/2011 11:12 am

    The use of the work “nimbyism” is being used in a very derogatory way. You could almost call it social racism. We all need to discuss what we want to achieve. I’ve been called a nimby but much prefer lamby ie “Looking After My Back Yard”. That has less of a racist tone to it and explains what I and many more people like me across this country want to achieve.

    As I have said before, we are not against building. We are against disproportionate and unnecessary destruction of valuable farm land and country side.

    Save Warmley and Siston Green Spaces

  • Comment on: Government faces grilling over cost of Localism Bill

    Steve Reade's comment | 17/12/2010 9:08 am

    Neighbourhood plans should be encouraged. We should not be put off by scare mongering about a hypothetical toal cost. We should be positive and think of the benifits they will give to local communities and hopefully stop the other hypothetical targets being imposed on them.

    Save Warmley and Siston Green Spaces

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