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  • Comment on: Housing association enters market rent sector

    sue thompson's comment | 13/12/2011 3:13 pm

    Unfortunately F451 you appear to be looking through one blinkered eye. The number of applications I get from tenants who complain about their social landlord not doing repairs beggars belief. Social landlords do provide a very necessary tool in housing strategy but do not put them on a pedestal above private landlords who often have a much more hands on relationship with their tenants. The reason social landlords do not have to charge 'double' the rent is because they are highly subsidised. Their directors are there for the pickings. A builder I know was asked to quote to fit 150 new kitchens for a social landlord. He came back with a price. The director asked him to increase the price by 33% 'because we get paid a percentage of the amount of money we spend'!

    Private landlords do not need to expose 'their wayward colleagues'. They are not our colleagues and all local authorities have the powers to check any rogues. They do not do so because if the problems were to go away they would be without a job.

    I would not say that all social tenants are demonised. A lot of my social tenants behave better than my professional tenants.

  • Comment on: Housing association enters market rent sector

    sue thompson's comment | 13/12/2011 1:44 pm

    Take note F451 - The point is that private landlords do put back into society and are not just robbing society of creating affordable housing. Landlords who take on LHA claimants often are saving local authorities from providing further B and B accommodation. Plus by providing this type of accommodation (LHA claimants) it is affordable. Private landlords are often the providers for people who have been excluded from social landlords. Do you want to see an increase in cardboard citites? Stop slating the private landlord and recognise what a damn good job they are doing. Do social landlords provide plumbers at 3.00 a.m.? Just because the media like to knock all landlords as rogues because it makes good viewing, does not necessarily mean they are. I have tenants for over 25 years who buy me flowers.

  • Comment on: Housing association enters market rent sector

    sue thompson's comment | 13/12/2011 10:41 am

    We do not need to build any new houses. We have over one million stood empty - the government should be offering low interest funding or grants to bring these empty properties back into use.

    Housing Associations should not be charging market rents. They already receive huge funding from the Housing Corporation. Otherwise tenants of social landlords should be means tested. It is a nonsense that the tax payer is helping to provide housing for people who could afford to pay market rents. Social housing should be housing social tenants i.e. those on benefit and those with behaviourial problems.

    By the way F451 don't you think private landlords pay any taxes?

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