Friday, 27 November 2015

Super seven join forces on eastern promise

Seven of the largest housing associations in the east of England have clubbed together....

Seven of the largest housing associations in the east of England have clubbed together to form a 100,000 home super group along the lines of London's G15 grouping.

Members of the group say they will meet regularly to review their progress in meeting affordable housing targets.

East Seven will include Aldwyck, Flagship and Swan housing groups, Hightown Praetorian & Churches and Orwell housing associations, BPHA and Circle Anglia.

Neil Hadden, chief executive at Aldwyck and chair of East Seven, said: 'We can reduce delays by working together to iron out some of the practical issues we experience as developers.

'We will also use our influence to highlight and minimise obstacles within the housing system.'

One benefit of the collaboration for the group, Mr Hadden said, could be scheme substitutions would speed up the delivery of much-needed affordable homes.

Mr Hadden added that between them, the partners have a track record of delivering new homes with the lowest grant rate in the country.

'It's vital we use our commitment and regional know-how to continue our significant contribution to the identified need of 21,000 homes a year,' he said.

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