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Blackpool Coastal Housing block where a balcony collapsed

Exclusive: Balcony collapse prompts calls for regulatory body


A sector body is planning to call for more active consumer regulation of arm’s-length management organisation (ALMO) services following the sentencing of an ALMO over a balcony collapse.

Nick Atkin, chief executive of Halton Housing

Tablet-equipped tenants to be denied phone access to landlord


Landlord’s ‘Digital Deal’ scheme will deny tenants phone access for queries

Troubled families

Government's troubled families programme to be expanded


The government’s troubled families programme is set to be expanded to focus on 500,000 households.

Empty wallet

CIH warns landlords about 'unfairly pressurising' tenants to pay extra rent


The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has warned social landlords against putting ‘unfair pressure’ on tenants to pay extra rent under the rollout of universal credit.

Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Irish ministers urged to spend a week living on benefits


Ministers who backed the coalition’s welfare reforms have been urged by Sinn Fein to try spending a week living on benefits.

job education training

Bradford group to axe training and employment service


Accent Group has today announced it will axe its training and employment service in Bradford, as the ‘payment by results’ funding structure makes it unviable.

Glass piggy bank

Just 5% tenants would go to their association for financial support


Residents do not see their housing association as a primary source of support, with only 5% saying they would go to their landlord for help, according to campaign group Money Saving Movement.

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Editor, Inside Housing

Speaking to be heard


Associations have long expressed concerns about the impact of universal credit on vulnerable tenants…


Update: New universal credit rules for tenants begin this week


An alteration meaning social landlords can now tell who is claiming universal credit began yesterday, Heather Spurr writes

Kirsty Varley is a solicitor at Croftons

21st century digital landlord


The digital age comes with risks for social landlords as well as opportunities, cautions Kirsty Varley

JUles Birch small

Feeling the pinch


Mark Simmonds is not getting much sympathy after claiming that MPs’ expenses make it ‘intolerable’ to live in London. Has he revealed a deeper truth about our housing system?

Leader, Brighton's Future

Voice of renters


Campaign group Brighton’s Future says not enough is done by politicians to tackle the housing crisis

JUles Birch small

Housing benefit and the coalition Video


What has happened to housing benefit in the four years since the government inherited a system it claimed was ‘out of control’?

Ilo for use in Sustainable Housing, Summer 14

Lean and green


Social landlords can learn a green lesson from the private sector, says Natalie Owen

Anonymous columnist

Moral dilemma for housing officers


Inside Housing’s anonymous columnist is in a dilemma about whether to follow the rulebook or his moral compass

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