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Covering all aspects of housing management, from allocations and setting rents to repairs and maintenance, and handling evictions and anti-social behaviour.

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Earls Court developer 'ignored house price rises'


The developer of an £8bn regeneration scheme in west London ‘ignored’ future house prices rises as it sought to persuade a council to minimise the level of affordable housing, an independent report said.

homeless London

Homelessness applications in Scotland fall


The number of homelessness applications and people accepted as homeless have fallen in Scotland over the past year.

A rundown estate in Bradford

New anti-social behaviour laws delayed


The government has delayed the introduction of new anti-social behaviour injunctions in order to ensure minors have access to legal aid to challenge them.

Angela Carter Close, Brixton

Landlords receive £4.5m energy efficiency boost


The Scottish government has today announced which organisations will receive £4.5m for more than 1,600 homes to be made more energy efficient.

Iain Duncan Smith

Government considering pre-paid cards for benefits


The government is considering introducing pre-paid cards for benefit payments, Iain Duncan Smith revealed today.

Conservative Party Annual Conference, Birmingham

Tories would freeze benefits for two years


Welfare benefits would be frozen for two years under a Conservative government, George Osborne announced today.


Wates: Tory first-time buyer pledge could be challenging


One of Britain’s biggest construction firms has warned it could be ‘challenging’ to build on sites earmarked by Conservatives for the development of 100,000 discounted homes.

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Solicitor, Child Poverty Action Group

Crisis loans rescued from crisis


Mike Spencer reflects on the charity Child Poverty Action Group’s recent win on funding for low income families in a crisis

Paul Anderson

Who benefits?


Government plans to increase barriers for young people to benefits could lead to more becoming homeless, argues Paul Anderson

A man wearing a mask to lessen the effect of toxic, traffic pollution.

A lot of hot air


Paul Ciniglio reveals the results of research conducted by First Wessex and the Zero Carbon Hub into the installations of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery


The right priorities


Public engagement and enthusiasm in the housing sector are paramount to progress, says Ann O’Byrne

Barrister, Cornerstone Barristers

Consumer regulations in perspective


Lessons can be learnt from the Homes and Communities Agency’s latest review of how it regulates consumer standards, says Dean Underwood

GRIP fund manager, Grainger

A safe rent


Many people, including ‘generation Y’, are in desperate need of wholesome housing

Nick Atkin, chief executive of Halton Housing

Techy times


A more digital sector is not about moving away from customers, says Nick Atkin


Generation rent


A concerted effort needs to be made if we are going to make homeownership affordable for future generations, argues Steve Hicks

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