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Scale of arrears clawback plan sparks fears


Government-enforced changes to how landlords recoup rent arrears under universal credit could force tenants into the arms of loan sharks, housing associations have warned.

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'Don't assume Labour supports social rent' warns Stacey


The housing sector should not assume that Labour supports a return to social rent, the chair of an umbrella-group of housing associations has warned. 

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Stereotypes about social tenants 'simply wrong', report claims


The majority of social tenants able to work are in employment, while lone parents and migrants experience no advantage in securing a social home.

Southwark Council is reviewing its evictions

Judgement prompts council to review evictions


Southwark Council has slammed a court judgement which found its staff conspired to unlawfully evict a tenant- but is nevertheless reviewing all evictions since April 2013.

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Home destroyed in gas explosion


A four-year-old girl and her father were pulled alive from the rubble after a family home was destroyed in a gas explosion in Southampton yesterday.

London housing strategy

London could become 'preserve of the super-rich'


London could become the ‘preserve of the super-rich’ unless more homes are built in the capital, warns an umbrella-group for housing associations.

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Scotland needs a more 'coherent approach' to welfare reform


Scotland needs a more ‘coherent approach’ to mitigate the effects of welfare reform, an influential group of housing associations has said.

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Map reading


How should housing associations respond to the tantalising prospect of freedom? In uncharted territory you need something to guide you.

Mark Rogers

Stereotypically speaking


Many of the stereotypes about social housing residents are simply wrong, argues Mark Rogers


Fixing the future


First the good news – the majority of people working for social landlords think their repairs and maintenance services are good or adequate.


Step up to access


The country needs more wheelchair accessible homes as at least 24,000 wheelchair users are waiting for appropriate social or affordable housing, says Brian Carlin

Jules Birch

Housing 2040


Where are we heading on housing over the next 25 years? That’s the question posed by a new study – and the answer may make you may want to look away now.

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The thin end of the wedge


Are Barnet’s proposals for rent increases a vision of the future for social housing?

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What will the nimbys think?


Our anonymous columnist on why consultation struggles to overcome self-interest and prejudice

Chief executive, Gateway Housing

Making ends meet


Implementing the living wage is essential, writes Sheron Carter

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