Thursday, 05 March 2015

Demonstrations will take place in 52 towns and cities tomorrow

16,000 plan to protest against bedroom tax

More than 16,000 people are expected to protest against the government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’ across the UK tomorrow.

Demonstrations are planned to kick off simultaneously at 1.00pm in 54 UK towns and cities on Saturday as social tenants take to the streets to express their opposition to deductions to their housing benefits as a result of the under-occupation penalty, popularly known as the bedroom tax.

Under the policy, which comes into effect on 1 April, social tenants of working age who receive housing benefit will have their payments cut if they have one or more spare bedrooms.

Think tank and campaign group Labour Left, which is calling for the policy to be scrapped and has used social media to coordinate the protests, said 16,000 people had said they would attend - and if they brought their families and friends they hoped another 9,000 people would turn out.

On Wednesday, around 7,500 members of Facebook had said they would attend the protests on Saturday with an additional 3,200 people having said they would attend protests in London and Glasgow on 30 March.

One of the largest protests is expected to be in Liverpool, which hosted the first protest of around 300 people two weeks ago and, as of Wednesday, had 1,300 people marked as ‘attending’ on Facebook. Turnouts of between 300 and 1,000 people are also expected in Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Durham and Hull.

Iain Sim, chief executive of Coast & Country in Redcar and Cleveland, said the 10,500-home association ‘fully backed’ the protests, adding its tenants would be ‘heavily involved’.

Dr Eoin Clarke, editor at Labour Left said: ‘We see this as a grassroots thing. We expect around 80 per cent of the protesters to be women.’

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  • Melvin Bone

    I don't imagine all these 'likes' will actually be people turning up.

    I hope they do though. To easy to vent your spleen on FB but not actually do anything...

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  • teddy mcnabb

    As the dogs in the street know labour is pro bedroom tax and their johnny come lately,s have attempted to jump on the bandwagon genuine protestors began , Comments here.

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  • i am concerned rhat this respected magazine is allowing racists comments (like the one from Powel junior) free reign

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  • AnSapphireGael, where are these racist comments you refer to?

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  • I only hopethat these protests,which i attend are being listened to,as this governement just does not listen.The bedroom tax is going to cost more to impliment than to cancel it altogether.mind you this government likes to waste money

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  • Chris

    Only when they can launder it into their own or their friends pockets Neil!

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  • Corby Town Centre - outside the Cube, George Street... 12.30 Saturday 23rd March. Rally against the Bedroom Tax. Andy Sawford MP speaker and others.

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  • I have just had a letter saying I have a cut of £21.14 per week, I am a 59year old widow, I am £10 over (have an occupational pension) what the government say I need to live on so have to pay a portion of rent and council tax, this cut of £21.14 is far far too steep, quite obvious it will take me below what the government say I need to sustain on, so someone has not done their sums on this and surely is illegal. The other matter which I have never understood is where the government get the figure of £71 to live on from? The average Council rent per week without counting anything else is more than that figure because they have increased and increased this for years and they are set far too high. Shocking, has anyone brought this to the attention of Cameron and his cronies that they are eating into the sustainable figure to live on set by them? If they know about it then that is not right! Its too harsh an amount per week to be taking off the poor. It has to be scrapped , I will have to starve to pay it or live off the food banks, dragging the poor into the gutter is not acceptable.

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