Thursday, 18 September 2014

Anti-social behaviour 'safety net' launched

Victims of persistent anti-social behaviour will be able to force police and councils to consider their complaint, a local authority has announced.

Leeds Council launched a ‘community trigger’ initiative on Thursday, which will be engaged if a resident reports the same incident of ASB three times. The local agencies will then be obliged to consider the case and seek a solution.

The move follows successful pilot schemes in Richmond upon Thames, Manchester, Brighton, West Lindsey and Boston, which have seen long-standing cases of ASB resolved. 

It is one of a range of new measures the government is introducing in its overhaul of the ASB system. 

Crime prevention minister Jeremy Browne said: ‘Anti-social behaviour causes enormous harm to victims and communities. The government is making sure victims get a better response in towns and cities across the UK including Leeds.

‘The community trigger is intended to be a safety net for the public if police and local authorities do not take action, not the first response when a problem occurs. 

‘It is one of a range of new measures which will make it easier and quicker for agencies to protect victims and communities from the blight of anti-social behaviour.’

Readers' comments (6)

  • \I have reported abuse to |London and Quadrant, Police and the council hundreds of times over a period of 20 years or more and is still going on.

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  • Trevor Galley

    Any one posting on CIH - please include the following statement

    Lets End Right To Buy!

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  • McMadman

    Agreed Trevor, except it should be "Let's End Right To Buy in the rest of the UK" (at least until September 2014 at any rate).

    We're already doing it in Scotland; many of us have recently granted 10 year exemptions from RTB for large parts of our stock and it will completely end in 2017.

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  • so where and how in Lambeth do you access this SAFETY NET? How is it being run?... Is there a website or something for it?... Can we have some practical guidance, please?

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  • So you can complain and get a crime number - then get ignored!

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  • Yes, end the right to buy.

    Anti-social behavior, is one thing that has been difficult to resolve with troublesome tenants.

    Drug related issues are one situation, that within the contracts can lose you your home, but until this is proved there is often a very rough patch.

    We, simply can't afford to have no go areas within social housing.

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