Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bedroom tax protestors march in Birmingham

Anti-bedroom tax campaigners marched in Birmingham last Saturday in memory of a woman who left a suicide note saying she was concerned about benefit changes.

Stephanie Bottrill, from Solihull, died on 4 May after being hit by a lorry. The 53-year-old’s suicide note blamed the government. Her family said she was worried about how to pay the bedroom tax.

Protestors held pictures of Ms Bottrill and called on the government to abolish the bedroom tax. Under the policy, social housing tenants deemed to have spare rooms have their housing benefit cut by an average of £14 a week.

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  • Keep up the good work. This government are hurting the poorest and most vulnerable while they bask in luxury. It has gone too far.

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  • This is all a way of undermining security of tenure. How can anyone make a future and go back to work or whatever they need to do without a rent they can afford and a secure tenancy? Ged rid of this evil government.

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