Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bedroom tax protests planned across UK

A left-wing thinktank is organising protests across the country as part of a ‘day of action’ against the government’s bedroom tax.

Labour Left is hoping to organise protests in 16 cities across Great Britain on 16 March. Details of protests in Liverpool, Hull, Manchester and Nottingham have already been announced.

On its website, Labour Left said: ‘These demonstrations are not exclusively for Labour Left or Labour party members.

‘If you are a local campaign group, union or just an individual who would like to express your views against this policy then please get involved.’

Other protests are taking place across the country over the next few weeks ahead of introduction of the bedroom tax on 1 April. Under the policy social housing tenants with spare bedrooms will face cuts to their housing benefit.

A demonstration, organised by campaign group Liverpool Against The Cuts, will take place in Bootle, Liverpool on Thursday. The protest will begin outside an office of housing association One Vision Housing.

Defend Council Housing is urging tenants and campaigners opposed to the bedroom tax to attend a summit in London on 9 March while a protest is planned for 30 March in Glasgow.

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  • Anyone got or anything planned for the North East

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  • patatwirra

    try this link to contact combat the bedroom tax, i am sure they will give you the info you want

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  • Tenantplustwo

    Verminous Toads your brethren these MP's and Councillor's Rampant, Barbaric disregard for human life

    ‘It is shocking that this government seems content to leave some people with insufficient money to feed themselves. They our Verminous Toads Rampant, Barbaric disregard for human life'

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  • Any protest near south wales.I and many others want to get involved

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  • I cant pay unless i go without heating and food,so i will lose my home plus all my furniture which i saved reahard for,suicide is on my mind now everyday ,i have a son who needs me that alone cuts off any suicidal thoughts but the worry and stress these tory types are causing people is enormous .We all need to get off our backsides next election and get these natzi like people out.Now i know howcthe jews felt in germany in the 30s.Frightend and scary .

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  • patatwirra

    David, try this link, they may be able to tell you

    i know how you feel, as my hubby & i have had suicidal thoughts, i joined a BT forum there is so much help, advice & support from joinng one

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  • I will check the websites out because like many others with small debts now as unemployment benefit is not sufficient as it is to live off I can't imagine any more deductions from it.

    I also feel it is grossly unfair to suddenly change the nature of the tenancy agreements we once had which no longer protects our homes.

    Something has to give.

    We must have a voice and we must speak out before it is to late.

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  • Also anyone rented accomodation as suitable for a single person say 2 or 3 years ago who has now been assessed as having too many bedrooms despite the second one being a box room or cupboard. Should take a stand alongside those of us who have lived in our homes for 20 years or so.

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  • Hi chrismc1995 - Today Tuesday 26 February, Coast & Country’s Tenant Panel is holding a summit to harness the voice and power of social housing tenants from across the region to launch a mass protest against the Bedroom Tax. Tenant representatives from 12 other housing providers across the North East, representing 100,000 are attending the summit. We are supporting our Tenants Panel with this and they want to make regional connections to see whether there is an appetite to campaign further against the bedroom tax and the raft of other changes introduced with the Welfare Reform Act.

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  • Melvin Bone

    People in receipt of LHA have always only received money for the number of bedrooms they need.

    What is the difference?

    Oh and I only predict a riot if it's a nice sunny day.

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