Saturday, 29 November 2014

DWP holds back data on direct payment pilots

The Department for Work and Pensions has insisted tenants are ready to manage their own money but is not yet releasing data from its direct payment pilot projects.

Six pilot projects are running across the country to test the direct payment of benefit to tenants instead of landlords.

The projects, which run until next summer, feature housing associations and councils and test direct payment to around 12,000 tenants.

The DWP has strongly discouraged social landlords from mentioning the results of the projects and said it would publish initial findings at the end of October.

But instead of publishing data showing the progress of the projects it today released results from a survey of 1,639 of the tenants who were selected to take part in the projects. The survey was carried out before the projects started in June.

The survey showed three in 10 tenants thought they would cope poorly with direct payments while only 54 per cent said they would be able to manage. Nine in 10 said they had a bank or building society account.

Lord Freud, minister for welfare reform, said: ‘These findings show most people on low incomes manage their money well and for most tenants the switch to universal credit will be straightforward.’

A DWP spokesperson said data will be published next year.

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  • Mike Batt

    'A DWP spokesperson said data will be published next year'

    So anytime in 2013 then. Probably December.

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  • Whilst the DWP's survey of people invited to take part in the pilot said 90% have a bank or building society account, our experience of opur customers who will be affected by the Bedroom Tax is that this figure is closer to 60%.

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  • To paraphrase Family Fortunes, if the results come back that the Pilots have seen improvements in the rent accounts of those paying their rent themselves, i.e reduced overall arears, I'll give you the money myself......

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  • Chris

    I do hope that the Chairman of the Conservative Party will challenge the DWP's lack of transparency.

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  • Usual Suspect

    Thanks harry , i'll take it :-)

    It is not unreasonable to wait for the pilot to finish before you announce results . and lord Freud is probably right it will be straight forward for most. But the impact of those that dont find it straightforward will be anything but easy to manage for housing providers .

    disaster in the making.

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  • until the pilot reports what the government wants to report. there will be no report

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  • Who needs the government report ?..... the smarter PRS landlords with good properties don`t accept LHA claimants ...and haven`t done for quite some time.
    This report is irrelevant to most professional ,good ,business -minded PRS landlords.
    As for the `rogue` landlords --- who is going to mourn their problems ?
    Q E D

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  • Junior Friday

    Hot Spots coming up in london has

    The local authority with the most affected households is the London borough of Brent – with 3,660 affected, followed by Westminster with 3,380 households affected.

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  • Why is Freud being such a stubborn ass on this point.
    EVERYBODY knows direct payments will simply NOT work in so many cases. The system is unworkable and yet the cost of direct to landlord payments will not cost any more to the government - except pride for Freud and IDS.

    They are simply not in the real world

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  • Please copy / paste and sign e -petition to vote against this madness !

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