Tuesday, 21 October 2014

GHA buys homes for tenants to avoid bedroom tax

Glasgow Housing Association is to buy 300 homes to allow people to avoid the government’s bedroom tax.

The 43,000-home landlord plans to spend £16 million on buying up one and two-bedroom flats on the open market. It says this will allow people affected by the bedroom tax, which penalises tenants on benefit deemed to have spare rooms, to downsize. The homes will only be let to people affected by the bedroom tax and will be for social rent.

Gordon Sloan, chair of GHA, said: ‘It is shocking in this day and age that some tenants are telling us they may have to go without food or heating to cover the shortfall in their benefits and keep a roof over their heads.’

GHA is also offering a package of £2,000 to affected tenants wanting to move to help them with moving costs and is also changing its allocation policy to give people hit by the tax more priority for smaller homes. 

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  • They're probably just buying properties Glasgow City Council lost through RTB before their stock was transferred to GHA.

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  • I may sound sceptical but, are these high rise flats?

    For some time we have been under agenda 21, this is a EU & UN ran policy that sounds great on paper, till you find out it's intentions. It's supposed to be about 'sustainable development' which in itself is great... Till you find out what is 'UNSUSTAINABLE' ' http://youtu.be/TzEEgtOFFlM

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  • Whilst I applaud GHA for their initiative and appreciate that they would be unlikely to be able to purchase houses and bungalows for the same price as flats, have they consulted the residents affected by the 'bedroom tax' to find out if they are willing to move into the flats they are proposing to buy?

    Experience suggests that most applicants who want to downsize would much prefer a house or bungalow to a flat.

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