Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Landlord acquires shipping containers for housing

A housing association on the south coast is on the verge of submitting a planning application to turn shipping containers into temporary accommodation for 36 people.

Brighton Housing Trust has already sourced the containers and land to put them on and wants to apply for planning permission before Christmas for the accommodation to be available in late spring next year.

Andy Winter, BHT chief executive, said: ‘Given the desperate situation regarding housing in Brighton and Hove, imaginative solutions are required.

‘Shipping containers have rarely been used as temporary living accommodation in the United Kingdom but there are a number of examples in continental Europe.’

He cited the example of Keetwonen in Amsterdam, completed in 2006, where 1,000 containers are still used for accommodation.

The containers BHT has acquired for Brighton – at a discounted rate – have been designed and constructed by the same organisation that created the Keetwonen units, Tempo Housing.

The housing association will be working with developers QED.

Chris Gilbert, of director of QED, said: ‘If successful, this formula could be a very effective way of helping to alleviate the housing crisis in Brighton, by providing “transition housing” on a site that would otherwise be underutilised until a major development came forward which is not likely to happen for a number of years, given the current economic climate.’

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  • Outside Housing

    It's all about the perception:
    In Keetwonen "Containers have a private balcony, cafe, supermarket, office space and sports area. Units are arranged in “blocks,” each block containing a service unit with centralized electricity, internet, and networking systems."
    I can't imagine that the housing in Brighton will be anything like that and if not the BHT chief executive should not cite it as an example.

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  • Usual Suspect

    see link for example of someone living in a container

    I'm not convinced it isnt just a posh bed in a shed myself.

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  • Melvin Bone

    The biggest advantage is speed of construction on site as there is no contruction on site. Just stacking. Then connection of services.

    Properly done I think they are a great solution.

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  • Jimmy Cricket

    We'll take a good idea from abroad, then cock it up as we usually do. Rather than planning for such matters we react with the inevitable results!

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  • ''Properly done I think they are a great solution.''
    Maybe you would like to move into one yourself then Melvin?.

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  • Melvin Bone

    Was that an attempt at sarcasm Dennis?

    I'd have loved to when I was first settling down. They are probably not ideal for a family but maybe I will consider them when I retire. Are you to posh to consider living in an ex-container Dennis?

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  • A home is a home whether on land, water, stacked containers or on wheels.

    Such accommodation could be made available for the homeless, and assylum seekers at short notice - basic no-frills shelter at minimum cost.

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  • simon ryan

    oh how the mighty get away with things , overall brilliant idea ,and they willl get there permission no doubt , but if you own yer own little part of england try living in 1 on it , like the great caravan purge the local council will have you out in weeks , i tried to build a replica bronze age round house and was stopped withon 18hrs with local councilers quoteing all the laws they seem to get away with ignoreing , i will try this way nxt year ,no doubt because ime not multi national company avoiding tax , or a goverment office ignoreing its duty to its voters i wont get away with it ,

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  • Brian C Kent

    Interesting idea that may have been copied from the Homebase ad. Containerisation revolutionised the shipping industry so to some extent could do the same housing. UNPROFOR used them 'accommodation' during that 'conflict' and likely still do. Oil field camps are somewhat similar, bit cramped but ideal when work and sleep is the lifestyle with the added benefit of easily being sucked up on to the back of trucks and moved to whereever as and when required. Win-win really for the desperate.

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  • sounds like a good idea as long as the rent is resonable

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