Sunday, 01 March 2015

MPs mount last ditch challenge to bedroom tax

Welsh, Scottish and Green Party MPs are making a final attempt today to get the government to scrap its plans to introduce penalties for the under-occupation of social housing.

Plaid Cymru, the Scottish National Party and the Green Party have called an opposition day debate on a motion relating to ‘housing benefit and the under-occupancy penalty’.

Under the government’s plans, dubbed the ‘bedroom tax’, working age social tenants who are receiving housing benefit will have their payments cut if they are deemed to have one or more spare bedrooms under the Department for Work and Pensions’ strict criteria. The policy is due to come into force on 1 April.

The debate is being led by Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon.

‘There is growing public anger at the introduction of the bedroom tax. Plaid Cymru and the SNP are determined to put pressure on the government to abolish this unjust and unworkable proposal,’ he said.

‘This is a politically-directed exercise to save money at the expense of some of society’s most vulnerable people, and one that will lead to a far more costly legacy in the long-term.’

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  • Georgina Goldsmith

    This is what I send our RSL Chief Executive and the MP's and Councillor's here in Westminster

    This is not happening to you. So how can you understand. Have you ever had to struggle to put food on the table.
    Decent people taking decent decisions : refusing to collaborate with, there's no other words for it :- unmandated oppressors

    Otherwise they will try taxing air and light with a window tax next, won't they?

    Given their response to losing the workfare case that a Fiasco

    They will do anything to deflect the blame from them onto the undeserving people affected by this vindictive policy and shameless government.

    I challenge any Tory's to defend this as real solution to the housing shortage brought about by the policy selling off social housing and not having the decency to replace them.

    Housing Associations fail to accept that the most important Anti-Poverty Measure they can take is to keep rents down and service charges low. (Because we will be looking at your books and see how your spending the Core Rent Money and proof what your doing now is shoehorning charges and your also lambasting us with High Level of Personal Debt we not earning these sort of wages to cover rent and service charges and the figures proof it)

    The triumph of individualism over the common good.

    You should be also terrified of another Kirby New Town Rent Strike in the 70's but this time nation-wide (yes I agree nothing like that Campaign). But for you all to take us seriously. We our still the working class and your still the middle class. Whom have little or no understand of the hardship you above to cause the people of this country.

    Its about earn a survivable income but the Government is encouraging the Suppression of Wages, and lambasting us with high levels of Personal Debt

    Your taking people in whom have no local connection or family members onto your Housing Waiting List, to much spend on Foreign Aid.

    Article 25 of the United Nations Bill of Rights:

    Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, heating, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

    Every recipient of social benefits receives a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions detailing their benefits' entitlement that is headed with the following words:

    "This is the minimum amount of money the Government says you must have each week taking account of specific circumstances."

    Since the above statement does not taken into account the Bedroom Tax, Councils Tax imposing this is a fine on innocent tenants, will leave those affected with less than the minimum amount of money the Government says they must have each week. Surely they must be in breach of their Tenants' Human Rights?

    It is shocking that this government seems content to leave some people with insufficient money to feed themselves. They our Verminous Toads Rampant, Barbaric disregard for human life

    The current approach is causing misery and division. At no point should anybody in employment not be unable to make the most basic ends means and nor should people on Benefits

    Who our acting these people that act with such impunity and callousness.

    You got to stop all this now. Whom our these people sitting on these Select Committee and Boards passing these policy's.

    Get some real people on these Select Committee and Boards and ensure not breaking the rules and regulations


    The very fact that the UK introduced tax credits was due to the growing number of people having low incomes from low paid jobs.
    The country produces very little in the way of home grown industry. I know very few people who earn a reasonable living wage. The majority of people I know are struggling to keep their heads above the water. Employers exploit the recession to force down wages and scupper terms and conditions that took decades to win.
    Back in the 1970's the local estate where I live was 95% council property. Now it is less than 15% but according to recent reports more than 5,000 new homes are needed to house those in dire need.
    Why did we stop building houses under council ownership?

    Building homes and maintaining them created local jobs and gave local authorities a cash flow to spread over the services as well as build more homes.

    Yet private housing associations have swept up any potential profit that a local authority could use to better effect than a shareholder earning a dividend.

    We own nothing of any value any longer. Our railways were sold off and the tax payer still has to part fund this industry. Heavy industry such as steel and gas was sold off along with the other utilities and telecom.

    The only asset this country has is the tax payer and tax is set to rise and rise while wages fall ever lower.

    Soon workers will have nothing in the way of rights as zero hour contracts take hold and queues at employers gates will resemble the great depression of the 30's.

    Regardless of party politics every politician should be ashamed at allowing this fiasco to happen. A nation having public ownership of some industry leads to a better and fairer society. I am at a loss as to what the reason could be for the UK to have nothing but people as an economic slave force supporting the elite's grip while no one is speaking out.

    We need a political revolution. We do not need a central European bank run by private profiteers nor do we need politicians who pander to globalisation of power. What we need is a strong independent country proud of its people and proud of its potential.

    We have neither unless we stand up together and say enough IS enough

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  • Georgina Goldsmith

    Psychological abuse, including emotional abuse, deprivation of contact, humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse

    Discriminatory abuse, including racist, sexist, that based on a person’s disability and other forms of harassment, slurs or similar treatment.

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  • Alex Brown

    Tenantplustwo, sorry to say you seem to have missed the fact that the government is now also looking to deny us light through Planning Consultation which is looking at doing away with the "Right to Light". Not quite a tax but as good as.

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  • All this just shows how out of touch, ignorant ,cruel and nasty this tory led government is.Cant pay will not pay is only choice.Will mean losing my house my furniture and electric items at a time i will never be able to get again.Really had enough of this ugly horrible world ,can only get worse.Greed has won no place for poor,vulnerable people.

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  • Evan Owen

    I wouldn't mind if there was an adequate supply of "suitable" homes for them to go to.

    Just shows how out of touch with reality these elitist politicians are.

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  • Georgina Goldsmith

    Alex tell me more please (because when build this development it black-out Resident's windows)

    My agruement with Council and my Social Housing Landlord is
    The positive effect of natural daylight on human biology is ignored in the design of modern living and working spaces. There is a huge amount of scientific evidence that shows we need daylight to maintain our circadian clock and significantly increase our health and well being.
    This is causing them to suffer anxiety and depression

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  • Human rights get ignored so unless anyone's willing to get their fists out go through the army and then punch Cameron in the face before disembowelling and throwing him from Westminster tower there's no point in arguing that case. Human rights don't suit the established, more wealthy, peoples' aims and methodology of control so as a subject you'll never be able to use those laws. As for the bedroom tax it's a way of putting all of the young men into bedsits so that the authorities can avoid building houses and in doing so keep the prices up. That's an misappropriation of funds, taken by people who aren't doing their jobs. You'll see me knock these people down soon. They've been attacking me; Mr. Darren Lawson.

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  • I'm lost for words at your comments................................esp. Tenantplustwo. Could I assist you with getting a job maybe? To help pass the time?

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  • i am sure HOUSING 1985 that many would take u up on your offer, but unless u have a magic wand, where do u think u r going to find these jobs? under the gooseberry bush i suppose? i bet u r the type that think money grows on trees, n that job centres actually have enough job vacancies on there books for all those activily seeking work?? join the real world,

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  • in the olden days ppl were billed there council tax on how many windows they had! so ppl blocked many off. what would happen if we turned our spare bedroom into an office/sewing n ironing room/ hobby room? or if were in flats have a dining room. we can always buy a blow up/fold up bed for when our visitors come to stay. if they r going to tax us on this stupid bedroom tax i think it should b illegal to charge all those already in the situation. shorly a warning should b given? the only way we can win this stupid tax is by EVERYONE not paying. but theres always gonna b the mardy ones too scared to stick up for them selves. when the poll tax didnt work, those owing money got let off, showing that the ones who paid it were the stupid ones, like i was. but as we are given just the ammount of money we need to live, how can they justify us paying this tax?? r we expected not to eat?? so, they will have to up our payments of esa job seekers etc to make up for this bedroom tax. plus very soon we r loosing another 20% of our council tax benefit, so thank god we r in band a and b. so what do we go without to pay that one?? our heating i suppose. this government has taken from us far too much n far too quick. they know if we had been given 1 cut at a time we could have tried beating in. but in a few months i lost my esa (which meant my housing benefits stopped too) and when i got them back 6 months later on appeal they wrote n told the dla i didnt qualify for that. so now im appealling again. so with that lost for now and these taxes if ive become about 350 a month worse off. ive no partner and am a single parent whose disabled and now without the funds for a car. i think being unfortunate enough to b ill is enough punishment for some1 whose unable to work without loosing all this money towards the housing benefit. mr cameron, u live my life n c if u think these new rules are acceptable.

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